Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jackie's First Letter

Hi,  I'm Jackie, and my correspondence over the years with
the  Mandingo Paradise Club prompted several of the friends I
made in there to suggest I post some of my experiences.  So, I think the
most important milestone to me, after admitting I needed a black lover
even though I am married to a white man, was telling my hubby about
my lover.
     I was 27 when I married LeRoy, ten years older and a successful
accountant.  He did the books for Milfette Shows where I worked
as an exotic dancer, and helped me out of a lot of tax problems, and
well, we became friends, and got married.  LeRoy was smallish and
thin, and he knew I had dated lots of black guys, but I tried to make it
work for a year.  But then Deandre came back into my life
after being 'away' for 3-5 years.  My girlfriends who were married were
also seeing black guys on the side, so I thought, why not?  LeRoy was
not too demanding in bed anyway and wouldn't miss it.  Carnality with LeRoy
wasn't really very satisfying, but he was always so eager to please, he
would do things a black man never would, like, you know.  He loved to
orally please me.  But I needed something more, and when I met Marshall
who was back working as a bouncer at The Dirty Milf Club I was booked at one night,
well, we spent a lot of time in the dressing room afterwards.

     Then we met during the day, and he resumed his role as my master,
which I needed so much.  I would go home sore and used, and I kind of
got a kick out of having LeRoy please me then, it became a nice part of
the scene I never had when it was just myself and my black master.
So much so that I didn't want to lose my marriage, but I knew that sooner
or later LeRoy would find out.  That's when I started my email
exchange with the The Mandingo Paradise and got some advice.  
So many other white wives had faced this issue, and I talked to many,
and gradually found an approach that seemed would work best.

     For one thing, I always tried to be discreet meeting Marshall, and I
wasn't going to change that, but taking the advice of a young white wife
in Cambridge, Mass, I wanted him to gradually realize and accept what I was doing,
on a sort of non verbal level.  For one thing, I made his orally pleasing
me after my dates more of a little ritual.  I made an effort to keep
Marshall's seed in me, sometimes in both apertures, until I got home.  
And I gradually regulated LeRoy's emissions, which I changed from
having carnality with me to stimulating him after he cleaned me.  
Taking the advice of other wives, I patted him on the head, and had
him wear my used panties and other little carnality games, and sometimes
spill off into the toilet for my pleasure. I felt there was no way considering  how I came from Marshall anyone could not know I had been with a big black man, but LeRoy never asked. I started dressing sluttier, and wore a 'big, bigger and Black' t-shirt and fence-net when we went out once. He blushed when he saw it, but said nothing.

I also started calling him on my Blackberry when I was with Marshall, when he was inside
me and I was going to culminate or just afterwards.  I know LeRoy would be
hearing the heavy breathing,  sounds of another person, my moaning
sometimes, and I knew he loved those calls because he wanted them to
continue.  Then one Friday my girlfriend Sandy who was also married
and seeing a Mandingo, and her husband had accepted it reluctantly at
first told me I should just tell him.  This came out when her lover and
Marshall wanted to take us both to Palm Beach for a couple of days, and I knew
I was going to have to do this sooner or later. I saw Marshall that
afternoon before going home, and was a little nervous as LeRoy was
as usual so eager to please me as we were in our Ikea bedroom and I was
undressing.  So before I allowed him to please  and clean me in his special
way, I said I was invited for the weekend with Sandy and a couple of
important clients from the agency.  Poor LeRoy was so concerned I was
leaving him, his face falling, that I reassured him it was just part of
the entertainment business, that Sandy does it all the time, and that
part was certainly true.  When he asked me about the men, and I told
him they were black, he surprised me by getting his little appendage hard
inside my used panties.  And when he asked me if I had been with
him before and I nodded, blushing a little,  I could tell he was getting
excited, even though he was also ashamed he was getting excited.
I was so pleased it went this well I called Marshall to let him know
I was going to Palm Beach while LeRoy knelt in front of me at the edge
of the bed, and I loved call him master in front of him.
It was very nice, and I relaxed finally, and when he cleaned me then
of all Marshall's very copious spendings, I made him do some other
tricks I had been hesitant to do. So now I have a sweet submissive
sissyboy hubby, and a wonderful black master, and sometimes
Sandy and I play some games with our hubbies that are so exciting.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Wetlands Cause

 Anyone into MILFs will be impressed by the member's area of Wet Lands. No need to save these Wet Lands. There is so much content and so many areas to explore that I felt like a man in a yoni store, or better yet, like a Canadian wading bird on an Ontario marshland!

Wet Lands hostess has her own gallery (besides the dedicated to her) with a mix of 70 sets of photos with 40 or more pictures that you can view in a slide show or in a gallery with five different photo size options. The largest (1024x768) are crisp images, albeit amateur. They have a home-shot feel, but give you a good look at this MILFs yoni and lingam vacuum-suctioning abilities. There's a lot of variety from indoor to outdoor fun sets and even a bit of fetish and lite slave-and-master (CPU?). Of course, this gallery is only the beginning!

There are six photo galleries including couples, young wives of the Mike's Apartment type, nymphomaniacs, Naughty Allie types, Beautiful Agony and Abby Winters-type material, other men's wives, mature sapphics, interracial and special, which includes the 3-way and orgiastic sets. In the couples gallery, I counted up to 180 sets, but it was at around this number that I began to detect sets running into the hostesses content and this goes back to the whole organization of the site, which needs improvement. Perusing through the other galleries, I'd say that you definitely have well over 200 different photosets.

Movies are easier to figure out, since they are all listed in one gallery. There are 86 homemade and downloadable hardcore videos. A various number of clips (8 to over 30) are offered per movie and they appear to run for 30-seconds to three-minutes each. Some of the WMV quality (1499k) is phenomenal, other movies are average and all videos have an amateur style, so don't expect incredible sets or lighting. The site claims to have MPEGs, but they were hard to find, in fact I didn't find any, but then I didn't watch all of the movies, either. What I did see was sizzling hardcore. It was as if being dropped into someone's house and taping the scene yourself!

Amateur enthusiasts will love this site. There's tons of content and bonuses, a search engine to help you find some of it, a mix of MILFs and young wives and constant updates. There is very little not to love about this incredibly exciting site.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cyber milflezdom

CyberGigi goes beyond amazing

Yes, every horny UAW foreman's wet n wild dream…and I got it today. Well…time isn't a matter, let's just say it happened in the last 24hrs  Also, for all intents and purposes it was as real as physical contact. We cybered, myself, CyberGigi…AND Heidie.

That's the name we called her, but this was all CyberGigi's idea, a gift perhaps? But I like to think of it as a gesture, cause she knew how much I wanted it and she planned it all.

She had me get online at a specific time…and just let her tell me what was going in…I was quite happy to see I was getting a 3some. She introduced me to Heidie…and proceeded to seductively (oh gawd) and wickedly tease me. She and Heidie played, wow…they played. They stripped slowly and came to one another play, making me watch from the Natuzzi sofa.

They finally took me into the bedroom…and we copulated so well. No details there I'm afraid  Suffice to say, Heidie had fun the first time she cavorted with us, I'm glad too, she really is GOOD.

She had to leave soon after, but CyberGigi and I had a wild time after. I mean WILD…we really gave into any and every carnal pleasure we could think of, lost track of the number of times she came and just how soaked I was. Good thing I brought terrycloth towels, cause yeah, I needed them. It was one of those wow experiences, as if none of the others aren't…

I have to say, CyberGigi exclaimed that we'd only been chatting for 2months, but it seems like longer. We're good friends I like to think and its not because we ignore the very simple things like our real user names, and information that goes beyond our privacy (cookie settings?) talk, but its because we Google-chat about the stuff two people normally don't talk to others about.

We get into the stuff that is most sacred to us, and we share CyberGigi the Forum Junkie and Amateur Writer very much, and no NOT in that way. She's just a pretty damn awesome hot librarian, just like Rio the hot wife.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Brazilian Shave

I wasn't quite certain what to think when Newf Cosmetics contacted me about doing a review of their Venereous intimate shaving products. You all know what I've said about shaving down there in the past, never again! Waxing is the cats meow when it comes to my girly bits down south.

However, in the name of trying new things, and to add some diversity to my review section, I decided to accept.

Basically there are three different items in the Venereous shaving line. The shaving oil, the shaving jelly, and the after spray. All of their products are natural, and not tested on animals! You can actually read (and mostly recognize) all of the ingredients on the bottles. I really like that about these products, since they are intended for use on such sensitive areas.

To use these products, you start with the shaving oil. Use a couple of squirts to cover the area with a thin layer of oil. You can use it all by itself, without the jelly, for shaving. I found that I preferred to follow the oil by applying a thin layer of the non-foaming jelly and then getting down to it with the razor.

The oil-jelly combination was quite pleasant, and I felt improved the shaving experience vastly. Unlike regular shaving products, the oil kept the skin slippery and lubricated, making it easy for the razor to glide.

I'd never tried a non-foaming shave jelly before, but it made it easier to see where I had shaved or not shaved. It had a different sort of smell, but it certainly wasn't unpleasant. Actually, it sort of reminded me of beer, LOL, so perhaps a good aphrodisiac ;)

Once I was all shaved clean, a process I won't soon repeat just due to how much easier waxing is, I had a shower to clean off all the remaining hairs, and then towelled off before applying a small amount of the after-spray. It certainly helped sooth the small amount of razor burn I'd inflicted on myself. It didn't burn/sting/tingle or any other notable sensation, which was a relief.

I suggest re-applying the after-spray at least once a day for the following couple of days to help with stubble and any discomfort caused by the hairs beginning to grow back.

Now, as I said, I won't be returning to shaving personally, because 30 minutes of intense bathtub gymnastics is waaaaay more work than laying there and letting someone yank the hairs out by the roots. I'll take the pain over the hassle any day, but I know many of you are not keen on getting a Brazilian. If you still prefer to shave (men this means you too) then please consider improving the experience by using these products.

If you're anything like me, and applying a chemical cocktail to your nether bits makes you a little squirmy, then Venereous is an excellent alternative. Likewise if you experience frequent yeast infections or other vaginal irritation, these should be safe for you to use. 

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Collegiate Milf Diary

A lot has gone since I started this hot blog. I really started the blog thinking I was "just" going to create a forum for discussions about milf sexuality. By the end of that year, it had become a lot more than prize wife/wifey for me, and the posts became not only about carnality, but also about interracial, dominance, femdom, sensuality, yoni worship, cuckolds, swinging, tantra, reality wife, webcamming, and wifeswapping. The writing had become literary, academic, collegiate, analytical as well as highly personal and confessional in nature, compared to my original intent. By the very end of 2006, I had divulged just about everything I'd ever been ashamed to tell anyone in this blog, and had also begun to do so in my outside life. It was a huge transition for me, and it was a difficult road to climb. There were times I thought I'd never see the light of day; I feared at points that I'd destroy myself in the effort I was making to heal and care for myself. But I kept going, and in the end, despite how scary it was to go through all of that, it was worth it.

And, by doing all that, when January 2007 rolled around, I was beginning to see the proverbial light at the end. I started the year out with a list of demands for what I wanted from that year. And I named it "Start Wearing Purple for me NOW, 2007," in tribute to a song by a band I'd become enamored of--a song that embodied the spirit of how I wanted to feel that year. At the time, that feeling seemed like a hopeful dream, but I hadn't felt it yet.

This New Year's Eve, I travelled to another city to see that band play,* and I met them. I hung out backstage with a bunch of interesting strangers, and they were interested in talking to me. And I felt like I was home. Not necessarily home because I was in some VIP area; home because I could go out and talk to strangers and not feel self-conscious. Home because I could enjoy myself without worrying that someone would think I wasn't worthwhile, or was too boring, or not a glamorous enough body type. Home because I was surrounded by smart, creative people who were not sad and dark; who were instead alive and energized. And still fucking cool. Home because I could have fun in the moment, and even decide to NOT do everything that was offered to me, and still feel happy and secure with my choices. Home because all I was was happy and laughing and enjoying the company of other people and of good music, and not thinking or worrying about anything else. Happy because I was being myself and only myself, and I was, finally, once again, glad to be her.

For me, that says a lot about what went right in 2007. It's been a slow and steady progress, but it's brought me to a place worlds away from where I was when I wrote my first post in 2006. Because while that "virgin post" in 2006 had a playful, cheerful tone, I was far from that. That was me, feeling very alone and very lost and dark, but putting on the "I'm just fine" mask I'd put on for the world for decades.

In January 2006, I wasn't cheerful, I wasn't playful. I was pretending. But at the moment when 2007 crossed into 2008, I was cheerful and playful, for real. And let me tell you, those two states of being feel worlds apart. There's no comparison. At all.

I'm not wearing the mask for the world anymore. In fact, the only articles of dress I'll be putting on from here on out will be strictly for my own pleasure. And I intend to not cover up very much. I'm not afraid anymore to show myself. I can actually wear purple now, literally and figuratively, and not even be that afraid of the attention I may get for it.

Yes, there's still work to be done. Yes, there's still road left to travel. But I've traveled a long way, and it looks like the gypsy caravan just pulled up to gave me a lift. I'm looking for a fun, weird, creative, inspirational, musical, wonder-full ride in 2008. I wish the same for all of you.

As for the blog and its anniversary, I'm not sure I ever imagined I'd still be doing it two years in. In the last few months, I've thought of ending it altogether. I've thought of renaming it. Of starting fresh with a new blog. Of just changing the look. Of not changing anything and just posting irregularly. Of trying to post regularly again. I've come to no decisions. So. We shall see. But one thing's for sure: whatever I decide, you've not heard the last of me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Review of a Peridot Glass Lingam

It seems like it's been forever since I last posted a review. It was difficult to focus on much else with all the craziness of the holidays and Jack being home all that time. Anyway, it's nice to be back in the swing of things, and to kick off 2008, I'm giving you a run-down of the Peridot Glass Lingam. Thanks to Spicy Gear, this is the second glass toy to find it's way between my legs.

Do you know what I really like about glass toys? The ease of cleaning, and the infinite possibilities they present for sensation play (particularly related to temperature). Cleaning them with anti-bacterial soap is as easy as can be, and if you are particularly concerned about bacteria, they will happily withstand a rigorous boiling in water, or a run through the dishwasher. Put them in the fridge (not the freezer if you intend to use them internally, although it's ok for external, I'll get to that later) for some fun play with cold, or run it under hot water to warm things up.

You can also use either silicone or water-based lubricant with glass. Generally as long as you never scrub them with anything super abrasive, these toys will last your lifetime (and beyond, if you care to will them to someone, LOL).

As I mentioned above, sensation play is delightful. Just imagine having the ice cold glass tip of this toy run up your back, or between your legs...I shiver just thinking about it. A word of caution when it comes to freezers and glass toys. Leaving your toy in the freezer for half an hour before play can certainly provide some intense and erotic sensations, however it's actually possible to cause hypothermia when playing with very chilled glass (or ice for that matter). Never leave it inside the anus or yoni for any period of time if it has been in the freezer. The fridge is fine, since it's not cold enough to lower the core temperature of the body. It may seem unlikely to occur, but lets not take any stupid chances.

Playing with ice can be a great deal of fun, but sometimes it's not convenient or too messy/drippy/wet. Under those circumstances a glass toy is a terrific stand in. The same results, minus the water everywhere. Just keep in mind what I said above about hypothermia.

Heat also presents a lot of excellent possibilities. Please do not boil this toy and then try to use it for libidinous play. If you can't comfortably hold it in your bare hand, do not put on an oven mitt and then apply it to some sensitive part of you lover. Running it under tap-hot water for a few minutes, or leaving it in a sink or bowl of water (no hotter than you'd be willing to bathe in) for a bit before play is more than adequate to heat it up. Heat + Anal = Very Nice.

If you want to add a little more bang to this fun, ribbed, little gem, get yourself a vibrating member ring and put it around the base. Extra yum!

I really liked the loop 'handle' on the base of this lingam. It makes it easy to hold onto for thrusting, and it will also act as a base, to prevent losing it inside during anal. The shape is unremarkable, but the rippled texture adds a lot of stimulation. It's also VERY reasonably priced, which is not the case with a lot of glass toys currently on the market.

Monday, January 21, 2008

How Janet Become A College Milf

Janet the college professor remembers the first Friday that made her a proud member of the (sublimely dirty) Mandingo-Hotwife-Milf Club

I felt the same way that weekend as Bill described. We had a fun weekend and were into each other. I loved that Bill was being very warm and loving to me. I had slept with another man and yet Bill was all cuddly and kissing and affectionate. It made me want to be the same way with him.

With respect to the idea of making Friday afternoons a regular thing with Jon, I remember as a suggestion of Bill's to which I said "maybe" or "that might work"or something like that. I don't remember boldly saying that was my plan, but maybe I did.

My fears about being torn between a lover and my husband was not as pronounced as I had thought it would be. I was home and with Bill and he was my husband, and he was who I wanted to be with. We were happy and my focus was on him. I was still thinking of Jon and being with him, but it was something separate from my life at home. It was just a "glow" in the background to everyday life. Jon would occupy my daydreams, but Bill and the kids were my main focus.

Monday's workout was a little awkward at first with Jon. We weren't sure how to relate to one another. We had to be discrete, yet we had also slept together. We had been intimate and now we were in public together so we (or I) had to be careful to keep it trainer and client. No one I knew closely was at the gym on the mornings I would be there, but you never know what would get around.

We kept it very "professional." We both said how great Friday had been and then talked about our weekends and other stuff. At the end of the session Jon asked if I would want to grab a bite to eat later that day or later in the week. Translated: "Do I want to make love again?" I said why don't we have lunch Friday. He said that sounded great. We were scheduled for another afternoon of carnality.

Wednesdays workout was more of the same. I was happy and confident and was liking being with Jon. At one point Jon whispered in my ear "Do I have to wait until Friday." I smiled and told him "Yes, I'm playing hard to get."

At home Bill and I were very close. Because we knew what we were doing was pretty risqué we were both careful about being affectionate and solicitous of each other. I felt close to Bill because of this and because he had fully accepted (I thought) me being libidinous with Jon. His acceptance of that desire I had and his empowering me to make that choice made me feel good. We both were kind of basking in the glow of our acceptance of each other.

We made love I think each night that week, which just reinforced the good feelings. Bill was pushing me to talk more about Jon and I was more comfortable doing so. I was being more open of how hot he was and much more specific about what we did together. Bill wanted to know how hung he was, how he felt in me, how he pleasured me, and more of the same. I felt more and more comfortable being honest about all of this and being more and more explicit in our "dirty talking." I was becoming much more comfortable and turned on by the dirty milf (and mandingo) image my husband wanted me to be. I was adopting his fantasy and really liking it.

On Friday, Jon and I were both greatly anticipating the event. We would whisper to each naughty little come-ons. By the end of the workout the naughtiness had evolved to very explicit oneupmanship. To me the flaunting of traditional mores was a huge turn-on. I was a respectable mother of two and loving wife, whispering to my young trainer, "I can't wait to feel your enraged cock." The naughtiness was a huge turn-on. By the end of our work-out, I wanted Jon to throw me to the ground and make love my brains out. I was totally turned on!!!

We both agreed to skip lunch and go to his place. I asked if his roommate would be there. He said he'd call and ask him to vacate. I said he didn't have to do that, I only wanted to be prepared. When we got to his place Tim, his roommate, was not there. Jon embraced me and began kissing and groping me and I enthusiastically kissed and groped back. We took it to his bedroom and had dived into unrestricted carnality. He again pleased me first before we got to copulating. We were both totally comfortable and the carnality was awesome. We ordered Chinese in and spent the whole afternoon with music, candles, wine, massages, and uninhibited sensuality.

I left around 4 and called my husband to ask what he wanted for dinner. We wanted to know about the afternoon and I told him honestly, it was good. He was excited for me. He said he wanted take out Thai and make love. I didn't want Thai having had Chinese, but I did not say that for obvious reasons.

My husband was happy, I was happy and we both we're libidinously turned on.

When I got home I showered, changed, and set up a candlelit dinner with Thai food. I got the kids dressed for bed early and set them up to eat, and awaited Bill from work. When he came home he gave me a big warm embrace and kiss and told me he loved me. I felt him and he was aroused. He told me he wanted me fiercely and I said I wanted him just as much.

We ate and discussed my encounter in code because the kids were there watching a DVD. I was incredibly comfortable about how everything was going. It seemed we were both excited and happy, and that feeling increased my love for Bill. I thought he was feeling the same way.

That night we explored each other hedonistically. Bill was aggressive and VERY dirty. He was very explicit about me being his "wonderful slut wife." I was explicit right back. Our openness and boldness while fooling around was very hot and fun. I was sleeping with two men and had the security of a loving husband and great family.

Thanks to
Mrs. Femdom, or Millicent, or Joy.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Review of The Sybian Land

This is a companion site to Sybian World, in which a bevy of attractive young models rides a sort of a mechanically reciprocating and oscillating, synthetic lingam. With over 40 videos Sybian Lounge is not quite as large as Sybian World. One has to wonder why the sites are not combined, since joining one gets you access to the other. Maybe it's because the girls are a touch less comely (although young milfs and unchaste debutantes Bonnie and bountifully-bosomed Alena can ride with us anytime). Maybe its because of the presence (hence the absence of anything interracial thusly implied) of some excellent Mandingos' main wives such as the delightful and
scrumptuous Summer. Maybe because Holly is a bit too zaftig for all but BBW fans. Otherwise, these sites are like two peas in a pod. Technically, the site is a bit below average, which is a real shame, because it detracts from otherwise outstanding material. Thumbs help you navigate, a little. The videos are chopped into too many segments. Download speed is fast but instructions are wanting (the same old right-click and select "save target as"). The site is pricy and there is no trial but wonderful bonus sites Perfect D, Gluteus Lounge, Her Sweet Hand, and Sybian World, are all included, leading Sir Rodney to give the whole package thumbs up.

We went back to Mrs. Femdom, or Millicent, or Joy.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Reality Wife Kari

Last night my beloved Janet, a tastefully buxom and very amorous girlfriend and I cuddled Sapphically and watched some of the clips from Reality Wife, and not another DVD of our beloved kink, a movie with a mandingo theme. The site features the equally amorous, effervescent blonde, our own MILFy hotwife Kari. Her husband Chris is also a star as he performs with her in a cornucopia of professionally shining amateur scenes, that is to say that they are way above the quality as an amateur site starring a single girl or couple. It is clear that Kari is also above being camera shy.

The format and organization of Reality Wife is top notch and although Janet and I would like to see more screen caps to soothe our own carnal . itch of curiosity and our unrequited yearning for her as the third woman, the narratives are Harvardesque and smoothly written. You often find that first-person site is incapable of providing much variety and imagination along with the scenes but our nymph Kari really shines by furnishing imaginative scenarios and outfits along with games, toys, gags and variegated locations to keep your appetite salivating for more.

Reality Wife has actually added another 53 all original videos to the existing 75 where you, Janet and I can watch Kari perform linguistic or reproductive hedonism on her favorite lingam with most demure and elegant class, and never forgetting to end each of her escapades with a face full of Chris's seed.

The easy wmv downloads were just as much of a turn on for Janet as the screamingly delicious O's from Kari. The size of the videos is 40-80mb. Kari also has weekly webcam shows.

There are many crisp, quality photographs on Reality Wife which as you can imagine only adds hotwifeliness to the site and is also a consolation for those with slower connections. Each photo gallery hosts captures from the videos. Janet and I have enjoyed them all, Sapphically, that is.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

College Math on Milfs

Rocco found that our social studies professor has a revealing blog, which we do not dare yet publicize due to concerns of invasion of privacy and our college's academic conduct code. But let me assure my fellow Suffolks, this educator is better described by the following Milf  formula:

10% Bebe Newirth + 10% Cathy's Craving+25%Wifey's World+55%Sexy Claire[the one from UK]

To give you a hint: her site looks unusually like Mrs. Emma Kelly's , though Emma is in Japan, as we speak.

Our college professor, meanwhile, is sporting laced, taupe-lined stockings or other hosiery, minus the MILF anklet. She speaks generously to the local Mandingo candidates from the Athletic Department who are taking the course as a  required distribution - anything that is not  Quantum Physics. This is an awsome sight: surely inspired by their al-night interracial site surfing, they hover all around her, salivating and hi-fiving in hopes of smoof-talking the professorette into their dream-come-true carnal scenarios.

Pictures in forthcoming posts, buds.


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Beckoning A Tantra Queen

Thou of peach-and-cream complexioned fairies, whyfor they have called you a hotwife? Have you forgotten to even briefly send me an electronic message through what nowadays is referred to as Google's Gmail? What happened to your sleekest ankles, calves and dainty, angelic dimples? Please hearken to your champion, and get back to me to again enjoy our nocturnal, tantric, hedonistically luxurious sessions of enwrapping ourselves within our perfumed flesh.

My Queen of Tantra, whose casual observers, and some lipstick lesbians, for some reasons refer to as a MILF or a hotwife, or as other types from this blog, is sublimely absent from this world of traffic jams, iPhones, Cialis, Clintons and hiphop. She wears finest anklets, hip chains and bellybutton piercings ever manufactured in Vicenza. She is clothed in finest Escada. She is Ibiza. She is shamelessly replicated on Milfhunter and mature adult sites. She is above cloning. Thanks for responding, my Google Chat is abuzz.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How Worship an Escada Queen

She is elegant, discreet, quiet, and mysterious. She is dressed in the best of Escada, those red and maroon lines flowing around her perfect MILF body, and brighten up the local Border's bookshop cafe as well as a local supermarket aisles. Her perfectly groomed fingers splay over her Gucci purse. She pays with a smooth and gracefully continuous motion of a hand holding out a $100 bill, and then she, with the same grace whips out a sanitizer packet to cleanse her heavenly-perfumed hand from the cloying microbes of the lower world. She is a perfection of an unsurpassed stature, the perfection that is sought after by lonely, pot-bellied, middle-class web surfers, who have no idea that she allows herself to be ravaged by the football coach, who happens to be a poster boy for interracial genre, from the local private school. You have never seen anyone like this gentle giant, this Dark Cavern bull, this throbbing Mandingo.

This Mandingo, though, has no idea that the Queen MILF's husband has installed a sugarcube camera in their den to capture the painfully exhilarating truth of his wife's pristine leg jangling the hotwife anklet as the Gentle Giant drives himself into the inner sanctum of the husband's heretofore private abode lined with the most precious, tenderest epithelial lining. And little does the husband know that his internet connection was hijacked by one of the above-mentioned pot-bellied web-surfers and posted to Youporn. Check it out for yourselves. The keywords all here.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The MILF converts into a dominant CEO

I asked him to give me his thoughts on my having sensuality with other Christian Dior-dressed men while he watched. He went soft and refused to talk about. I slid up over his mouth and forced him to eat me to a peak. I left him unsatisfied again. On the fifth night I removed the device and sat on his strawberry-flavored. He said farewell to the tapes of our alternative lifestyle outings to Ft.Lauderdale , to my hotwife Swarovski ankle bracelet, and to my First Place Facial Wife Trophy.

"I can hardly feel your little Stanley tool," I said. "I need a big popsickle to please me," getting him used to the idea of my having another reciprocating element to play with. I allowed him to seed, but afterward I made him lick his seed from my procreational opening. This was to get him used to the idea. He would have to lick me clean after my dates and figs once I had him trained.  The next week went pretty much the same. I kept my husband hot and horny and refused to allow him an ecstasy. He responded to all my demands and was completely obedient but still went soft when I talked about having sensuality with other corporate men. I told him that his attitude about this displeased me. He was forced to clean house again and cook me a Plaza Hotel dinner. I ate my dinner with him naked and under the Ikea table kissing my feet.

Beating him made my yoni so wet that when I finished his whipping I slipped my Escada panties from under my skirt, sat on the sofa and commanded him to eat my yoni. I put my legs over his shoulders and lay back to enjoy his service. After a few minutes I got the urge to relieve myself, so I stood over him and rode his face to the floor. I told him that I intended to relieve in his mouth and he should drink every gram. One of the web 2.0 pages he had visited was dedicated to male relieve drinkers, so I knew he fantasized about drinking my issue. He begged me not to do it, but he kept his mouth on my yoni. I slapped his face and told him that I was about to pee and he better not spill a drop. He did as I ordered, lingually batheing my yoni and swallowing, then licking me clean. He was overwhelmed by the fact that he allowed me to treat him this way but he was also very turned on. His Craftsman tool had swelled to the ends of his devise again and he begged me to remove it, saying his erection inside it caused him pain.
I plopped my yoni down on his mouth. "I need to peak too, you can clean me up and tongue me until I issue industrial lubrication." He was actually getting quite good at eating my "jello pie". After I came I peed in his mouth again, then wiped my yoni off on his face and sat back down on his mouth.

"You are going to have to get better at copulate withing me or I'll be forced to get a real man to do the job," I said. He could not reply with my yoni on his mouth. He was floored by the new aggressive attitude I had and it seemed that the more dominant I acted toward him the more submissive he became. I repeated the teasing and denial on him for four days again, along with plenty of gluteus and yoni worship, but when I talked to him about sensuality with other men he would still go soft, and he didn't want to talk about it. He was becoming accustomed to being naked while I remained fully clothed in the evenings. I wore short skirts with no panties so he could lick me when I desired it. I also relieved in his mouth regularly and made him thank me for allowing him to drink my bilirubin-containing liquid. I had clearly become his boss and made him do more and more of the housework. When I was sure he was in a completely submissive mood I decided to confront him about my findings on our computer. He spent most of that evening naked as usual, with his tongue up my gluteushole and in my yoni.

I also took a large cucumber and copulate his gluteus with it. This seemed to break his resistance down completely and the depth of his submission had never seemed greater. I made a mental note to stop by the adult shop and get a strap-on plastic proboscis to copulate with him with.
"I was looking in the history file on our Linux machine a few weeks ago and was quite surprised by what I saw there."
"Oh, well, I do like to read Harry Potter and different things," he said. I giggled as I felt his breath; it was as if he were speaking directly into my sphincter. "Especially since we started this female domination lifestyle," he added. "Don't give me that bull fecal matter Jim. The dates on many of the history files precede my starting to dominate you, and the date we installed Ubuntu. I have spent a lot of time visiting the Macromedia-generated sites you were looking at and I have seen first hand how you have responded to my dominance. You are a natural born visa-free gluteus licking citizen. The theme of all the sites you visit is female domination. Where do you think I got the idea to start dominating you? It has become quite obvious to me that your dearest wish is to become my slave. Isn't that right?" His adjustable tool had swelled to the end of his device again. "But honey," he started to say.  "No buts and no objections or excuses. Tell me Jim, how do you like the taste of my relievings? Do you like to drink it as much as you thought you would? You've certainly gotten used to it. I bet you would like to have a drink right now, wouldn't you?" He was shocked with the direct approach of my questioning and completely red faced with humiliation. "Well, answer me Jim. Or would you rather I whip you again?" "Well, actually it taste kind of, uh, well, I don't mind, uh, it is nice. I uh, liked it.
"I knew you did, you are such a slob." - "I, uh, well, I, uh," he was completely stunned, but still with a hard caramel popsickle. "Just shut up and listen or I might do it right now. You don't seem to be able to talk anyway. I am more interested in cuckolding you. Do you know what that word means?" I put my hand on the back of his head and pulled his nose a little deeper into my yoni. "Yes, it means you want to start having sensuality with other men."

"No, it means I am going to copulate with whomever I please and you will have nothing to say about it but read discount pharmaceutical business news. If I hear one word of protest from you it will be at least a month before next income tax year for sub-chapter S corporations and I let you out of the chastity devise again. There are several men at the office that are hitting on me constantly. Next Saturday night I am going out with Dave, the asset-based loan and financing consultant, you remember him don't you? I'm looking forward to getting copulate with him for more that five minutes at a time. I hear that his popsickle is huge," I giggled.  "Linda, please, don't," I pulled his head up by his hair. SMACK. I slapped his face so hard I could clearly see my hand print on his face. Then I pushed his face back down. His nose slipped back into my yoni.

"I told you to shut up, that was not an idle threat I just made, or is that what you want?" He lowered his eyes. A moment later a lacrimal secretion ran down his face. "When I come home Saturday night from my date I want you to meet me at the door devoid of your Speedo bathing trunks and on your knees. "Yes Ma'am," he answered.
I was thrilled with his answer. He was finally accepting my desire to have sensuality outside our marriage. While I had him in such an agreeable mood I decided to push him a little further. "I will step up over your face and place my yoni over your mouth. You will lingually bathe Dave's seed from my yoni, and then I will reliev down your throat to wash it all down. Do you understand?" I smiled as I looked down at his swaging tool. It was still pressing against the end of his devise. "Yes Ma'am, but please, uh, please don't," I jerked him up by the hair and slapped his face again. This time so hard that he fell back from his kneeling position onto his gluteus.

"Get back into position!" I ordered. He was back on his knees instantly with his nose back inside my yoni. "I don't think it is in your best interest to question me again. Do you understand?" "Yes Ma'am."  "Good, very good. If you are good and have all the housework done it time Saturday I'll let you bathe me in Gonesh-perfumed bath, and help me dress for my date. I might even let you pick out my Gucci gown for the evening." "Can I ask you something Miss Linda," he said, still kneeling and naked with his nose still in position. "Yes, go ahead." "Well, uh, will you still want to have, will you, uh," his face was bright red now and he was sweating profusely. "Are you afraid that I will no longer want to have sensuality with Jim, the Gentle Giant, the Mandingo, The Superfly, the double-breasted-suit -wearing Forex Trading Expert?" I asked.
"Yes Ma'am," he answered. "You shouldn't be worried about that, sensuality between us has changed and you will continue to grow more and more submissive to me. I intend to dominate you completely and I may never have sensuality contact with you again. I have not decided about that yet. But you will be allowed to service me every day.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

MILF's Account of Becoming a Dom, continued

We were on our marital altar, unclothed in each other's arms. "Honey," I said, "I've been thinking of some ways to spice up our sensuality a little. I thought we might try a little domination. What do you think?"
His face lit up like a light had been turned on. "Well sure, I, uh, that sounds great to me. What did you, uh, have in mind?" he could hardly speak.
"Well, I could try the submissive role if you think that would suit you best," I said. It was like I let the air out of his tires. The disappointment on his face was clear to see, as I had known it would be. I wanted it to be my husband's idea to submit to me. "Oh, uh, Ok," he said.
"You seem a little disappointed, if you're not interested we don't have to try this. Or did you have other ideas about how we could spice things up a little? - "Well, uh, what I mean to say is, uh." he said. - "Go ahead and tell me, I want to know your fantasies, I'll be understanding." I took hold of his tool and started to knead it gently. "I feel like I'm in the dominant role at work all day," he said. "It's just that I get so tired of making decisions and," he hesitated; sweat had popped out on his forehead.- "Honey, are you saying that you would like for me to dominate you?" His appendage was like steel in my hand. "Yes, I uh, think," he could not look me in the eyes. "Well, I'll be willing to give it a try, but I'm not sure I can pull off being dominant with you. You will have to help me, and you will have to do whatever I say. Do you still want to give it a try?" This is exactly as I had planned it.

"Sure, yes, uh, I mean I really want to," he said. His excitement was obvious and his appendage was like a flagpole. My first action was to take over our sensual relationship. That night in bed I sat on my husband's stomach and started to pinch his nipples. He moaned in gratitude and his tool was hard against my gluteus as I worked his nipples with my fingers. "There are some changes we are going to make in our lovemaking," I told him. "You are going to learn to please me, and please me my way. I want you to do it with your mouth. I almost never have orgasms from intercourse. You will be required lick me whenever I say and for as long as I say. You have been doing that for years anyway, but if I take the dominant role with you it's not going to be a game. You're going to learn to obey me. Do you understand?" - "Yes, of course I do," he answered. "That's Yes Ma'am." "Yes Ma'am," he repeated.
I played with him until I had him all hot and bothered. "Good boy," I wanted a demonstration of his submissive role. I turned around and started to lower my gluteus to his face. "Your first lesion is in gluteus licking. I want you to lick my gluteus until I seed, do you understand?" "Yes, uh, but."
"You know you want to kiss it, don't you?" - "Sure I do, you've always known that I am in love with your gluteus." I sat on his face and ordered, "Go ahead and bury your tongue as far up my gluteus as it will go. You're going to have to earn your ecstasies from now on, and to earn one you have to give me four. Do you understand and agree?" His reply was a muffled grunt into my gluteus. I lifted my gluteus up off his mouth. "Was that a yes?" I said. "Yes, I guess, but four to one, what is this all about." "It is about you doing as I say," I said as I lowered my gluteal opening back to his mouth. "I'm tired of you sticking your little popsickle in me and seeding before I get warmed up. From now on, you need to get my permission to have an ecstasy." I wanted to condition him to accept the fact that he needed help in pleasing me. As I said this I started to undulate my hips and grind my gluteal aperture against his mouth. "Stick your tongue in deeper and linguate me."

He complied with all my demands but I kept things moving slowly. I didn't want to scare him off. My Internet friend had warned me that many men have submissive fantasies, but rebel when confronted with real life slavery. By the end of the evening he was wild with desire and in a completely submissive mood. I took that opportunity to lock him into his new CB 2000 chastity device. He was apprehensive, but after a little coaxing he allowed me to lock the device in place. After three nights of licking my gluteus, feet, and armpits, and being denied any relief my husband was desperate for an orgasm, but he had never acted more subservient. His tool would swell to the end of his chastity device just from just being in the same room with me, and he was becoming more and more obedient. On the fourth night I made him clean the house and dust in the nude, then he was forced to beg to lick my gluteal entrance. I sat on his chest and played with his caged tool behind my back.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

MILF Contemplates Going Dominant, Continued

 Thinking back on it I don't understand why I didn't see it before. There were plenty of signs that my husband wanted to be submissive to me. He had always deferred to me in making all the important decisions, even the financial ones. The fact is that he made twice the money I did; yet I still controlled "our" purse strings. He would never make a purchase of over a hundred dollars without consulting me first. I kept the checkbook and gave him an allowance for spending money. He has always done his share of chores around the house. When we have a disagreement he always yields to me. On many occasions he has apologized to me even when we both knew I was wrong. We have sensuality when I want to, he never denies me. Oral sensuality between us is always one way, well, two ways. He either uses his mouth on my yoni or on my anus, whichever I am in the mood for. 

With all this evidence, I never saw that he had submissive desires until the day I looked in the history file on our home computer.
I had lost the web address of a craft site. I intended to buy some things for the kitchen from them. After logging on to a couple of the addresses from the history folder I was in shock. There were images of women beating men with canes and whips until the men were bleeding and begging for mercy. Women were sitting on faces and torturing the man's tool and seed nuts. There were pictures of women relieving into the mouths of men, forcing them to drink urine directly from their yonis. The list of activities went on and on. Most of this really put me off. I started to wonder if I had a future with my husband. Then I logged on to a female supremacy site.

In the next couple of weeks I thought about this more and more. I didn't say anything to my husband about it. When I had some time I would log on to the woman's web page and read her essays. There was also a question and answer page and real life stories from other readers. There I found several stories and questions from women who cuckold their husbands and from women who wanted to. I had never heard the term before but it means that the wife has sensuality with other men while her husband remains loyal to her. She has her affairs with his full knowledge and consent. Many of the women denied their husbands sensuality even within the marriage. Most of these women kept their husband's tool locked in chastity devices to insure that they remained celibate. All of these women completely dominated their husbands. 
It amazed me how these women treated their husbands like fecal matter and then ran around with other men right in front of the abused husband. In most cases the husband was required to do all the housework plus cater to the personal needs of the dominant wife. A common activity of these women was to have their husbands lick the seed of other men out of their yonis.

It took me over a month to read everything and by the time I finished it my thinking had started to change concerning female domination. In many ways I was very excited about the possibilities. I had always wanted to copulate with other men but did not want to loose my husband. I am not sure that I still loved him, or that I ever did, but he is a good provider and I didn't want to take a chance loosing the comfortable life I had become accustomed to. While the idea of frivolous sensuality for me held much appeal, I did not like the idea of my husband enjoying the same sensual freedom. Other than my MILF adventures, I had a couple of affairs in the last two years, but I did not like the sneaking around. If dominating my husband would offer me a way to copulate around without taking a chance on loosing my home and security then I was all for it. First I had to develop a plan or some kind of strategy. Plus I had to make some decisions about how far I wanted to go with this. Would I have to make him my full time slave in order for him to accept my affairs? The more I thought about it the more deliciously wicked it sounded. I was so excited by the thought that soon I would copulate with strange men while my chauvinistic husband would be at my complete mercy, serving as my houseboy and slave.

After struggling with my thoughts for a week or two I wrote to the woman to get her advice. I told her my feelings as best I could and gave her the most used femdom web pages my husband looked at. Her reply came back a couple of days later and I was very impressed. She spent a lot of time in writing me, and based on the information I had given her she had written a profile of my husband, telling me what techniques I might use to drive him into deeper submission to me. She said that she thought I could go as far with the "female domination life style" as I wanted and that I should put my wants and needs first. No problem there. She included a web address where I could order a chastity devise and suggested that I get one as soon as possible. She did warn me that if I decided to cuckold my husband it should be done to drive him deeper into submission to me, not to fulfill my selfish desires to have frivolous sensuality. I thought I was close enough to wanting both to make a go of it, although my only interest in domination was to push my husband into a place where I could have my sensual freedom while he would remain loyal to me.

I decided on a direct approach with my husband on this. Well, kind of direct.

(to be continued)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

College advisor reports her MILF experience

Ever since I became the new academic advisor, I have been in close contact with the athletic department. Everyday I am having to do evaluations and determine whether or not an athlete is has met the eligibility requirements to go to school and/or play a sport. Rulon has been my 'special' project ever since he transfered to Marshall. He's a smart kid and he's so cute and his appendage is so big and sweet. He stops by to see me every time he is in Old Main. He'll come in my office, unannounced and just sit there and smile. He keeps asking me when we can 'go out' and I just laugh it off. I told him that I was married with kids and too old for him and he tells me that I am the only white woman that will swallow for him. He says that he can get all the black girls to do it, but the white girls won't. I tell him that they don't know what they are missing. He keeps telling me to stop by and see him whenever Lisa and I go out to lunch. She works with their eligibility on one side and I work on the academic side.

Lisa and I had made plans to go out to lunch and I was picking her up. I went in her office and she said she had to finish up something and I could wait on her. About that time Rulon popped his head in Lisa's office and I told him I was waiting on her so that we could go out to lunch...he told me to come with him and talk while I waited...I agreed. He led me down the hall way to one of the locker rooms in the one was in there. He took my hand and laid it on his appendage, he was so hard. He said he was so excited to see me in Lisa's office and he begged me to lingually bathe his appendage. I told him that I couldn't, anyone could walk in here at any time, plus Lisa is waiting for me. He told me that he'd make sure no one came in and he locked the door. He pulled down his gym shorts and I fell to my knees. I kept telling him how sweet his young popsickle was and how good he tasted to me. I told him not to mess up my make up or Lisa would get suspicious...he told me not to worry. He asked if he could seed in my mouth and I told him okay. He had my head in his hands and was pushing his popsickle in and out of my mouth...when he moaned loud and yelled that he was going to seed inside me. He did. ALOT. I almost gagged....but I was ok. I didn't want to make a mess...I went over to the sink and cupped my hands so that I could drink some water. I straightened my hair and walked out the door - alone. Much to my surprise there was about 5 football players standing outside the door waiting to get into the locker room. They were all laughing and high fiving each other when I walked out...Lisa was at the end of the hallway and yelled "girl I have been looking all over for you - where have you been?" when one of the athlete's yelled back and said "she was in here, lingually batheing Rulon's appendage" - I just laughed and kept on walking.

When we finally were able to head out to lunch, Lisa asked me what that was all about and I told her how I was kinda seeing Don, a black cop from Ironton and how he taught me how to swallow - she couldn't beleive it. Then I went on to tell her that I really was in the locker room lingually bathing Rulon's popsickle and giving him a lingual bath. I told her how I loved black popsickle now and couldn't get enough of it. That's why when Rulon approached me, I couldn't say no, even though he is only 19 AND I was supposed to be on my lunch hour. I told her she should try it, that she'd get addicted to it, too. That is was so different than lingually batheing a white guy's popsickle. I went on to tell her that Rulon wasn't the only black athlete that I had been with. I told her that one day after work Rulon had called me and told me to meet him in his dorm room, that he was bringing two of his friends over and he wanted them to meet me. I told him that I'd stop by but only for a minute.

When I got there all three of them were just standing around...Rulon introduced me as the academic advisor for the college but added that I love young, black popsickle and that I gave awesome lingual baths. His friends seemed skeptical. First I was older, a mother, and a soccer mom, they didn't believe that I would just go around lingually bathing black popsickle and second, I worked at the college, why would I risk getting caught. I told the guys that I had lingually bathed Rulon's popsickle a couple of times and that I really enjoyed it. We didn't do it on a regular basis, but it had happened more than once. Then the guys told me that I need to prove it to them. I was getting a little aggravated and told them that I didn't need to 'prove' anything. Rulon was smiling and said that he promised them lingual baths if I came over...he was stroking himself outside of his shorts. I could see that the other two guys were HUGE, I could see the outline of their popsickles through their thin shorts. They were excited. I told the guys that I wouldn't give all three of them lingual baths, but they could watch while I lingually batheed Rulon's appendage. They agreed to that.

I got down on my knees in the middle of the floor and pulled Rulon close to me. I started lingually batheing his appendage nice and slow. He was HUGE and throbbing. The other guys were getting so excited. They surrounded me. I was on the floor and the three of them were all around me, naked from the waist down. The other guys were jacking off so close to my face that I could feel it. Occasionally they would get a little to close and brush my face. I closed my eyes and thought this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Where and when will I ever get the chance to lingually bathe three young sweet black popsickles. I pulled away from Rulon and turned around and starting lingually batheing of the other guys...I went from one to the other, I just kept rotating. It was amazing. They were all just about ready to seed...and I told them since I did them a favor that I wanted them to do me a favor. I told them that I wasn't going to be able to swallow all of them, and I would really be thrilled if they all three could seed on my face one by one...they agreed. I first started with Rulon, I lingually bathed him and squeezed his popsickle and he exploded all over my face, as soon as he finished I turned to the next guy and did the same thing and then the next guy. As I sat there, exhausted, all three of them finishing up on my face I was drenched in was dripping off my face. I had swallowed some of it, but I could barely see there was so much seed on my face. I got up and went to wash my face when I could hear the guys talking about what an awesome experience. I will always love lingually batheing young black sausage.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Dirty MILF Club

You have to figure that when a woman spends her entire life as a libidinous wench, her yoni becomes a cavern needing the fattest lingams in order to be fulfilled. That's why the MILF debutantes featured in the content at will only accommodate black dudes.

The site contains a professional that's easy on the eyes and easy to navigate. The homepage contains a menu that directs members to the content, the latest updates, the highest rated content, and then links to the large pile of other sites they're given access to when they join. Members can select from a content category or a model category to browse the content. Both categories place the goods in one column across several pages. Not a bad way to have things setup right now with the archive relatively small, but might introduce browsing problems as the site grows, and it is growing. It'd be nice if more browsing options were implemented. Representing each set with a few high-quality thumbs and a well-written description definitely makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Clicking on one of the thumbs takes members to the set's profile where they're presented with a set of digital pictures, a set of screen captures from the video, and the actual videos available in full or in clips. If members elect to watch the vids from their browser, they enjoy three different bit rates encoded in one file format. The highest bit rate delivers decent video quality, but could definitely be improved. If you're looking for high quality video, download the m4p versions and watch them in your media player. The pictures look amazing. The photography is top notch and the pictures are a good size while providing impressive vibrancy and clarity. It is easy to get stuck on certain pictures in the set when using the navigational buttons. They've got to fix this flaw in order to make looking a pictures a worthy experience.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

In Becky

Blacks In Becky is home to an individual wife with a particular fetish for dark meat. Even though she wears her wedding ring, it looks as if her husband is a bit of a cuckold and she enjoys on her accommodating other men as much as she gets off doing the same.

There is a live cam show. It's our understanding that it used to be more frequent, but it looks as if there's only one per month these days. I would've enjoyed a diary, but you won't find one and you also won't find a bio to get more information about why Becky loves her adulterous life.

Now that we know what there isn't, lets get to the point about what there is on this site. When it comes to exclusive content there are 38 photo sets and another 38 movies, which aren't bad numbers, but there isn't an update schedule and judging from comments on the forum, it looks as though the schedule is sporadic.

Windows Media and MPEG films are divided into parts. Many of the films are around 20-minutes long. Fucking is one thing this young lady does well and there's definitely never a dull moment with Becky. There are few things that she doesn't do and she always seems to be having the time of her life at every moment. Whether suctioning one dude's reproductive proboscis, doing two instruments, or involving herself with other girls and carnal picnics you can count on action and in super quality.

There are approximately 30 to 50 pictures in each of the sets and as expected they have a snapshot quality. Older photos are small, but newer ones have a great size (1600x1200). I felt that the slight grain to the images lent a reality feel to the pictures and I didn't mind it a bit. The majority of the pictures are closeups, rather than long shots. Moreover, while the lighting isn't perfect, it is bright enough not to miss even a pearly pie.

More of Becky's personality could be shown on the site, especially considering that she's pretty much the star. I loved the whole cuckold theme and would have enjoyed a greater emphasis on this aspect. Films and photos are great and your libido will thank you for all the Blacks In Becky. However, a more prominent update schedule and more obvious interaction with members might do the site a lot of good.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Janet, Every Mandingo's Milf

I think I saw the link/banner on that glory aperture site or somewhere similar (it's all a blur nowadays--colons, yonis, nipples, beakers full of seed). And then promptly forgot about it, choosing instead to focus on repeating stupid movie dialog, seeing how late before closing time I can order Thai food without them getting miffed and organizing prayer groups to ask God to help Florida beat Nevada in the NBA playoffs.

"The libidinous adventures of a real-life Soccer Mom!" Really getting burned out on that expression ("soccer mom"), it's making its way to our WHAT? page faster than vitamins through a forced-fed goose. If that's the case (the soccer mom part, that is) I'd like evidence, hard evidence, of their children's playing soccer -- a washer full of dirty sweat socks and uniforms, a receipt from the shoe store for cleats, an interior shot of a mini-van covered with mud stains and empty juice boxes. That's the sort of stuff that would go a long way towards lending credibility to the whole "soccer mom" label for me. I guess there's a segment of the population that gets a woody thinking about a housewife bedding strangers, flashing her cleavage and ramming a giant object into her guts. That's Gump interesting, man.

Never before have I seen so much text (other than an adult stories site) on an adult amateur website. Laboriously lengthy descriptions of turn-ons and turn-offs, interracial romp, swinging and everything you'd ever desire to know about her. I guess. After seeing that much attention paid to the finer points of what makes Janet the Milfette tick, I was certain that the pics/videos sections were going be a killer.  

Oh, don't get me wrong. Her pics are nice, all in the 800x600 range, fairly well shot (good lighting, pretty clean shots) and there is a nice variety to them too. Glad to see someone not uploading an entire roll of film in a blatant attempt to fluff their photo sections. Most of the sets are of Janet being humped (and orally-bathing/manually stimulating off/being mouthed by) black guys with gigantic lingams. There's 38 sets, about 30-40 pics in each set. One thing that kind of irritates me is a lot of them (and this is even more true for the videos) are from "JV #008" or whatever (her for-sale vids). It makes me feel like it's less of a members site than a preview of her online store. Would like to see more "Only for members" features. And yes, there are some older pics that do qualify in that regard.

See, about 90% of the videos (which are plentiful, mind you) are "Part Two from JV #Blah-blah". Or "Part Three of…" And so on. They're nice little clips, each in the 1 minute neighborhood. Good squishy sounds, moaning, lighting, resolution, action captured quite well. There are 43 video updates, each featuring 3-5 clips. And yep, she's into this stuff, I've no doubt she likes her work and play. But again, I'd like to see "Unavailable anywhere but for members" stuff here to justify the monthly fee. As opposed to previewing stuff you can buy and watch at your convenience.

Updates occur regularly (weekly), and they are also reflected in the "Guest" area as well. The nice big guest area. Like a rarity these days, seems like a lot of sites forgot about that as a feature, good to see she's paying attention to this often overlooked area. They seem to feel a "Featured Guest Site" is a plus, I fail to see how advertising another site adds value to a site. Likewise, tons of "Testimonials" and "Video Reviews". Perhaps this bandwidth would be better used for more pics and vids, wouldn't it? "Humor" is four nasty emails; "Diary" is a 4 year old "journal" entry. There's an online store (stay on your chair, fellas!) that offers a discount for members ordering through the members area only. Oh, the "Wanted" section is a picka-picka type page full of links to other amateur sites.

Overall, is a pretty, clean website. Easily navigable, affordable, and well designed. Seen lots worse single girl sites, believe me. Guess if you love her (really the acid-test for any model's site, otherwise you get bored quickly) you should be pleased. But then again, it's always hard to dissuade the seriously obsessed to think otherwise.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Of Snow and Steele

Lex Steele, that black brother gifted with a bountiful lingam and refined taste for snowflakes, is at it again in these forty original videos. Here Lex is on the prowl for one, two or more blonde cuties at each throw. Though many familiar Fun debutantes wax Steele's helmet, there are also many a fresh face getting the patented Lex gluteal and straight cohabitation replete with full facial finale. We loved Jackie Moore, a blonde who follows a professional yoni bath with some very acrobatic moves on the man of Steele. There are no background stories, intros or even much dialog, but Lex's mammoth appendage does most the talking anyway. Even in its early stages, this site is hot enough to eclipse the original Steele site.

Videos are broken into eight to ten separate WMV or Quicktime segments accompanied by a new one-click download option. The video quality is excellent and the varied methods of downloading are appreciated. 56k people are treated well, as segmented downloads are ideal for their download speed.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Raven's Site

Raven has wild pink hair, a 36 DDD chest, an insatiable desire for black tools, and a husband who likes to watch, photograph and join in the fun!

Over 250 downloadable videos featuring cutesy couple Rick and Raven swinging exploits will keep your hard drive, and your tool, fat and happy, with nonstop interracial action. Raven's got some very kinky tastes beyond dark meat, which include seed drinking, gluteal licking, threesomes, foursomes, moresomes, anal, DPs, footjobs, and lots of hot friends (they, thankfully, do not have crazy pink hair) in straight, group, and lesbian scenes, and loads of lingerie. Raven's also into fantasy scenarios (Secretary, Babysitter, Maid, Nun, etc.) which up the entertainment value of these highly strokeable genre movies.

Most of the videos are ten to twenty minutes long and download in one click, and in multiple formats, although older movies are chopped into many segments. Unfortunately, there is really no way to preview the videos before downloading. There are also numerous still galleries, but these are difficult navigate through. A better player/viewer for the stills, would help considerably. While downloading was fast and easy, we were prompted to enter our user id and password whenever streaming. The couple's videos are for sale, and there are upsells for cam shows, friend sites, and pov movies throughout the site, detracting from the overall experience.  

Numerous extras include full access to three other premium sites from these same producers: Feet n Heels, Use My Wife (interracial BDSM), and Jen Stefani (yes, she looks like the famous singer). There are also more pedestrian extras, some stories, as well as familiar feeds from Candid Cams, which add next to nothing to the overall value of the membership. Still, Raven is a unique, energetic and kinky performer with busty good looks, sure to please fans of hardcore interracial genre.