Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Beckoning A Tantra Queen

Thou of peach-and-cream complexioned fairies, whyfor they have called you a hotwife? Have you forgotten to even briefly send me an electronic message through what nowadays is referred to as Google's Gmail? What happened to your sleekest ankles, calves and dainty, angelic dimples? Please hearken to your champion, and get back to me to again enjoy our nocturnal, tantric, hedonistically luxurious sessions of enwrapping ourselves within our perfumed flesh.

My Queen of Tantra, whose casual observers, and some lipstick lesbians, for some reasons refer to as a MILF or a hotwife, or as other types from this blog, is sublimely absent from this world of traffic jams, iPhones, Cialis, Clintons and hiphop. She wears finest anklets, hip chains and bellybutton piercings ever manufactured in Vicenza. She is clothed in finest Escada. She is Ibiza. She is shamelessly replicated on Milfhunter and mature adult sites. She is above cloning. Thanks for responding, my Google Chat is abuzz.

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