Friday, January 25, 2008

Brazilian Shave

I wasn't quite certain what to think when Newf Cosmetics contacted me about doing a review of their Venereous intimate shaving products. You all know what I've said about shaving down there in the past, never again! Waxing is the cats meow when it comes to my girly bits down south.

However, in the name of trying new things, and to add some diversity to my review section, I decided to accept.

Basically there are three different items in the Venereous shaving line. The shaving oil, the shaving jelly, and the after spray. All of their products are natural, and not tested on animals! You can actually read (and mostly recognize) all of the ingredients on the bottles. I really like that about these products, since they are intended for use on such sensitive areas.

To use these products, you start with the shaving oil. Use a couple of squirts to cover the area with a thin layer of oil. You can use it all by itself, without the jelly, for shaving. I found that I preferred to follow the oil by applying a thin layer of the non-foaming jelly and then getting down to it with the razor.

The oil-jelly combination was quite pleasant, and I felt improved the shaving experience vastly. Unlike regular shaving products, the oil kept the skin slippery and lubricated, making it easy for the razor to glide.

I'd never tried a non-foaming shave jelly before, but it made it easier to see where I had shaved or not shaved. It had a different sort of smell, but it certainly wasn't unpleasant. Actually, it sort of reminded me of beer, LOL, so perhaps a good aphrodisiac ;)

Once I was all shaved clean, a process I won't soon repeat just due to how much easier waxing is, I had a shower to clean off all the remaining hairs, and then towelled off before applying a small amount of the after-spray. It certainly helped sooth the small amount of razor burn I'd inflicted on myself. It didn't burn/sting/tingle or any other notable sensation, which was a relief.

I suggest re-applying the after-spray at least once a day for the following couple of days to help with stubble and any discomfort caused by the hairs beginning to grow back.

Now, as I said, I won't be returning to shaving personally, because 30 minutes of intense bathtub gymnastics is waaaaay more work than laying there and letting someone yank the hairs out by the roots. I'll take the pain over the hassle any day, but I know many of you are not keen on getting a Brazilian. If you still prefer to shave (men this means you too) then please consider improving the experience by using these products.

If you're anything like me, and applying a chemical cocktail to your nether bits makes you a little squirmy, then Venereous is an excellent alternative. Likewise if you experience frequent yeast infections or other vaginal irritation, these should be safe for you to use. 

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