Thursday, January 17, 2008

College Math on Milfs

Rocco found that our social studies professor has a revealing blog, which we do not dare yet publicize due to concerns of invasion of privacy and our college's academic conduct code. But let me assure my fellow Suffolks, this educator is better described by the following Milf  formula:

10% Bebe Newirth + 10% Cathy's Craving+25%Wifey's World+55%Sexy Claire[the one from UK]

To give you a hint: her site looks unusually like Mrs. Emma Kelly's , though Emma is in Japan, as we speak.

Our college professor, meanwhile, is sporting laced, taupe-lined stockings or other hosiery, minus the MILF anklet. She speaks generously to the local Mandingo candidates from the Athletic Department who are taking the course as a  required distribution - anything that is not  Quantum Physics. This is an awsome sight: surely inspired by their al-night interracial site surfing, they hover all around her, salivating and hi-fiving in hopes of smoof-talking the professorette into their dream-come-true carnal scenarios.

Pictures in forthcoming posts, buds.


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