Saturday, January 26, 2008

Cyber milflezdom

CyberGigi goes beyond amazing

Yes, every horny UAW foreman's wet n wild dream…and I got it today. Well…time isn't a matter, let's just say it happened in the last 24hrs  Also, for all intents and purposes it was as real as physical contact. We cybered, myself, CyberGigi…AND Heidie.

That's the name we called her, but this was all CyberGigi's idea, a gift perhaps? But I like to think of it as a gesture, cause she knew how much I wanted it and she planned it all.

She had me get online at a specific time…and just let her tell me what was going in…I was quite happy to see I was getting a 3some. She introduced me to Heidie…and proceeded to seductively (oh gawd) and wickedly tease me. She and Heidie played, wow…they played. They stripped slowly and came to one another play, making me watch from the Natuzzi sofa.

They finally took me into the bedroom…and we copulated so well. No details there I'm afraid  Suffice to say, Heidie had fun the first time she cavorted with us, I'm glad too, she really is GOOD.

She had to leave soon after, but CyberGigi and I had a wild time after. I mean WILD…we really gave into any and every carnal pleasure we could think of, lost track of the number of times she came and just how soaked I was. Good thing I brought terrycloth towels, cause yeah, I needed them. It was one of those wow experiences, as if none of the others aren't…

I have to say, CyberGigi exclaimed that we'd only been chatting for 2months, but it seems like longer. We're good friends I like to think and its not because we ignore the very simple things like our real user names, and information that goes beyond our privacy (cookie settings?) talk, but its because we Google-chat about the stuff two people normally don't talk to others about.

We get into the stuff that is most sacred to us, and we share CyberGigi the Forum Junkie and Amateur Writer very much, and no NOT in that way. She's just a pretty damn awesome hot librarian, just like Rio the hot wife.

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