Tuesday, January 15, 2008

How Worship an Escada Queen

She is elegant, discreet, quiet, and mysterious. She is dressed in the best of Escada, those red and maroon lines flowing around her perfect MILF body, and brighten up the local Border's bookshop cafe as well as a local supermarket aisles. Her perfectly groomed fingers splay over her Gucci purse. She pays with a smooth and gracefully continuous motion of a hand holding out a $100 bill, and then she, with the same grace whips out a sanitizer packet to cleanse her heavenly-perfumed hand from the cloying microbes of the lower world. She is a perfection of an unsurpassed stature, the perfection that is sought after by lonely, pot-bellied, middle-class web surfers, who have no idea that she allows herself to be ravaged by the football coach, who happens to be a poster boy for interracial genre, from the local private school. You have never seen anyone like this gentle giant, this Dark Cavern bull, this throbbing Mandingo.

This Mandingo, though, has no idea that the Queen MILF's husband has installed a sugarcube camera in their den to capture the painfully exhilarating truth of his wife's pristine leg jangling the hotwife anklet as the Gentle Giant drives himself into the inner sanctum of the husband's heretofore private abode lined with the most precious, tenderest epithelial lining. And little does the husband know that his internet connection was hijacked by one of the above-mentioned pot-bellied web-surfers and posted to Youporn. Check it out for yourselves. The keywords all here.

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