Sunday, January 6, 2008

In Becky

Blacks In Becky is home to an individual wife with a particular fetish for dark meat. Even though she wears her wedding ring, it looks as if her husband is a bit of a cuckold and she enjoys on her accommodating other men as much as she gets off doing the same.

There is a live cam show. It's our understanding that it used to be more frequent, but it looks as if there's only one per month these days. I would've enjoyed a diary, but you won't find one and you also won't find a bio to get more information about why Becky loves her adulterous life.

Now that we know what there isn't, lets get to the point about what there is on this site. When it comes to exclusive content there are 38 photo sets and another 38 movies, which aren't bad numbers, but there isn't an update schedule and judging from comments on the forum, it looks as though the schedule is sporadic.

Windows Media and MPEG films are divided into parts. Many of the films are around 20-minutes long. Fucking is one thing this young lady does well and there's definitely never a dull moment with Becky. There are few things that she doesn't do and she always seems to be having the time of her life at every moment. Whether suctioning one dude's reproductive proboscis, doing two instruments, or involving herself with other girls and carnal picnics you can count on action and in super quality.

There are approximately 30 to 50 pictures in each of the sets and as expected they have a snapshot quality. Older photos are small, but newer ones have a great size (1600x1200). I felt that the slight grain to the images lent a reality feel to the pictures and I didn't mind it a bit. The majority of the pictures are closeups, rather than long shots. Moreover, while the lighting isn't perfect, it is bright enough not to miss even a pearly pie.

More of Becky's personality could be shown on the site, especially considering that she's pretty much the star. I loved the whole cuckold theme and would have enjoyed a greater emphasis on this aspect. Films and photos are great and your libido will thank you for all the Blacks In Becky. However, a more prominent update schedule and more obvious interaction with members might do the site a lot of good.

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