Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Jackie's First Letter

Hi,  I'm Jackie, and my correspondence over the years with
the  Mandingo Paradise Club prompted several of the friends I
made in there to suggest I post some of my experiences.  So, I think the
most important milestone to me, after admitting I needed a black lover
even though I am married to a white man, was telling my hubby about
my lover.
     I was 27 when I married LeRoy, ten years older and a successful
accountant.  He did the books for Milfette Shows where I worked
as an exotic dancer, and helped me out of a lot of tax problems, and
well, we became friends, and got married.  LeRoy was smallish and
thin, and he knew I had dated lots of black guys, but I tried to make it
work for a year.  But then Deandre came back into my life
after being 'away' for 3-5 years.  My girlfriends who were married were
also seeing black guys on the side, so I thought, why not?  LeRoy was
not too demanding in bed anyway and wouldn't miss it.  Carnality with LeRoy
wasn't really very satisfying, but he was always so eager to please, he
would do things a black man never would, like, you know.  He loved to
orally please me.  But I needed something more, and when I met Marshall
who was back working as a bouncer at The Dirty Milf Club I was booked at one night,
well, we spent a lot of time in the dressing room afterwards.

     Then we met during the day, and he resumed his role as my master,
which I needed so much.  I would go home sore and used, and I kind of
got a kick out of having LeRoy please me then, it became a nice part of
the scene I never had when it was just myself and my black master.
So much so that I didn't want to lose my marriage, but I knew that sooner
or later LeRoy would find out.  That's when I started my email
exchange with the The Mandingo Paradise and got some advice.  
So many other white wives had faced this issue, and I talked to many,
and gradually found an approach that seemed would work best.

     For one thing, I always tried to be discreet meeting Marshall, and I
wasn't going to change that, but taking the advice of a young white wife
in Cambridge, Mass, I wanted him to gradually realize and accept what I was doing,
on a sort of non verbal level.  For one thing, I made his orally pleasing
me after my dates more of a little ritual.  I made an effort to keep
Marshall's seed in me, sometimes in both apertures, until I got home.  
And I gradually regulated LeRoy's emissions, which I changed from
having carnality with me to stimulating him after he cleaned me.  
Taking the advice of other wives, I patted him on the head, and had
him wear my used panties and other little carnality games, and sometimes
spill off into the toilet for my pleasure. I felt there was no way considering  how I came from Marshall anyone could not know I had been with a big black man, but LeRoy never asked. I started dressing sluttier, and wore a 'big, bigger and Black' t-shirt and fence-net when we went out once. He blushed when he saw it, but said nothing.

I also started calling him on my Blackberry when I was with Marshall, when he was inside
me and I was going to culminate or just afterwards.  I know LeRoy would be
hearing the heavy breathing,  sounds of another person, my moaning
sometimes, and I knew he loved those calls because he wanted them to
continue.  Then one Friday my girlfriend Sandy who was also married
and seeing a Mandingo, and her husband had accepted it reluctantly at
first told me I should just tell him.  This came out when her lover and
Marshall wanted to take us both to Palm Beach for a couple of days, and I knew
I was going to have to do this sooner or later. I saw Marshall that
afternoon before going home, and was a little nervous as LeRoy was
as usual so eager to please me as we were in our Ikea bedroom and I was
undressing.  So before I allowed him to please  and clean me in his special
way, I said I was invited for the weekend with Sandy and a couple of
important clients from the agency.  Poor LeRoy was so concerned I was
leaving him, his face falling, that I reassured him it was just part of
the entertainment business, that Sandy does it all the time, and that
part was certainly true.  When he asked me about the men, and I told
him they were black, he surprised me by getting his little appendage hard
inside my used panties.  And when he asked me if I had been with
him before and I nodded, blushing a little,  I could tell he was getting
excited, even though he was also ashamed he was getting excited.
I was so pleased it went this well I called Marshall to let him know
I was going to Palm Beach while LeRoy knelt in front of me at the edge
of the bed, and I loved call him master in front of him.
It was very nice, and I relaxed finally, and when he cleaned me then
of all Marshall's very copious spendings, I made him do some other
tricks I had been hesitant to do. So now I have a sweet submissive
sissyboy hubby, and a wonderful black master, and sometimes
Sandy and I play some games with our hubbies that are so exciting.

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