Sunday, January 13, 2008

MILF's Account of Becoming a Dom, continued

We were on our marital altar, unclothed in each other's arms. "Honey," I said, "I've been thinking of some ways to spice up our sensuality a little. I thought we might try a little domination. What do you think?"
His face lit up like a light had been turned on. "Well sure, I, uh, that sounds great to me. What did you, uh, have in mind?" he could hardly speak.
"Well, I could try the submissive role if you think that would suit you best," I said. It was like I let the air out of his tires. The disappointment on his face was clear to see, as I had known it would be. I wanted it to be my husband's idea to submit to me. "Oh, uh, Ok," he said.
"You seem a little disappointed, if you're not interested we don't have to try this. Or did you have other ideas about how we could spice things up a little? - "Well, uh, what I mean to say is, uh." he said. - "Go ahead and tell me, I want to know your fantasies, I'll be understanding." I took hold of his tool and started to knead it gently. "I feel like I'm in the dominant role at work all day," he said. "It's just that I get so tired of making decisions and," he hesitated; sweat had popped out on his forehead.- "Honey, are you saying that you would like for me to dominate you?" His appendage was like steel in my hand. "Yes, I uh, think," he could not look me in the eyes. "Well, I'll be willing to give it a try, but I'm not sure I can pull off being dominant with you. You will have to help me, and you will have to do whatever I say. Do you still want to give it a try?" This is exactly as I had planned it.

"Sure, yes, uh, I mean I really want to," he said. His excitement was obvious and his appendage was like a flagpole. My first action was to take over our sensual relationship. That night in bed I sat on my husband's stomach and started to pinch his nipples. He moaned in gratitude and his tool was hard against my gluteus as I worked his nipples with my fingers. "There are some changes we are going to make in our lovemaking," I told him. "You are going to learn to please me, and please me my way. I want you to do it with your mouth. I almost never have orgasms from intercourse. You will be required lick me whenever I say and for as long as I say. You have been doing that for years anyway, but if I take the dominant role with you it's not going to be a game. You're going to learn to obey me. Do you understand?" - "Yes, of course I do," he answered. "That's Yes Ma'am." "Yes Ma'am," he repeated.
I played with him until I had him all hot and bothered. "Good boy," I wanted a demonstration of his submissive role. I turned around and started to lower my gluteus to his face. "Your first lesion is in gluteus licking. I want you to lick my gluteus until I seed, do you understand?" "Yes, uh, but."
"You know you want to kiss it, don't you?" - "Sure I do, you've always known that I am in love with your gluteus." I sat on his face and ordered, "Go ahead and bury your tongue as far up my gluteus as it will go. You're going to have to earn your ecstasies from now on, and to earn one you have to give me four. Do you understand and agree?" His reply was a muffled grunt into my gluteus. I lifted my gluteus up off his mouth. "Was that a yes?" I said. "Yes, I guess, but four to one, what is this all about." "It is about you doing as I say," I said as I lowered my gluteal opening back to his mouth. "I'm tired of you sticking your little popsickle in me and seeding before I get warmed up. From now on, you need to get my permission to have an ecstasy." I wanted to condition him to accept the fact that he needed help in pleasing me. As I said this I started to undulate my hips and grind my gluteal aperture against his mouth. "Stick your tongue in deeper and linguate me."

He complied with all my demands but I kept things moving slowly. I didn't want to scare him off. My Internet friend had warned me that many men have submissive fantasies, but rebel when confronted with real life slavery. By the end of the evening he was wild with desire and in a completely submissive mood. I took that opportunity to lock him into his new CB 2000 chastity device. He was apprehensive, but after a little coaxing he allowed me to lock the device in place. After three nights of licking my gluteus, feet, and armpits, and being denied any relief my husband was desperate for an orgasm, but he had never acted more subservient. His tool would swell to the end of his chastity device just from just being in the same room with me, and he was becoming more and more obedient. On the fourth night I made him clean the house and dust in the nude, then he was forced to beg to lick my gluteal entrance. I sat on his chest and played with his caged tool behind my back.

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