Saturday, January 19, 2008

Reality Wife Kari

Last night my beloved Janet, a tastefully buxom and very amorous girlfriend and I cuddled Sapphically and watched some of the clips from Reality Wife, and not another DVD of our beloved kink, a movie with a mandingo theme. The site features the equally amorous, effervescent blonde, our own MILFy hotwife Kari. Her husband Chris is also a star as he performs with her in a cornucopia of professionally shining amateur scenes, that is to say that they are way above the quality as an amateur site starring a single girl or couple. It is clear that Kari is also above being camera shy.

The format and organization of Reality Wife is top notch and although Janet and I would like to see more screen caps to soothe our own carnal . itch of curiosity and our unrequited yearning for her as the third woman, the narratives are Harvardesque and smoothly written. You often find that first-person site is incapable of providing much variety and imagination along with the scenes but our nymph Kari really shines by furnishing imaginative scenarios and outfits along with games, toys, gags and variegated locations to keep your appetite salivating for more.

Reality Wife has actually added another 53 all original videos to the existing 75 where you, Janet and I can watch Kari perform linguistic or reproductive hedonism on her favorite lingam with most demure and elegant class, and never forgetting to end each of her escapades with a face full of Chris's seed.

The easy wmv downloads were just as much of a turn on for Janet as the screamingly delicious O's from Kari. The size of the videos is 40-80mb. Kari also has weekly webcam shows.

There are many crisp, quality photographs on Reality Wife which as you can imagine only adds hotwifeliness to the site and is also a consolation for those with slower connections. Each photo gallery hosts captures from the videos. Janet and I have enjoyed them all, Sapphically, that is.

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