Sunday, January 20, 2008

Review of The Sybian Land

This is a companion site to Sybian World, in which a bevy of attractive young models rides a sort of a mechanically reciprocating and oscillating, synthetic lingam. With over 40 videos Sybian Lounge is not quite as large as Sybian World. One has to wonder why the sites are not combined, since joining one gets you access to the other. Maybe it's because the girls are a touch less comely (although young milfs and unchaste debutantes Bonnie and bountifully-bosomed Alena can ride with us anytime). Maybe its because of the presence (hence the absence of anything interracial thusly implied) of some excellent Mandingos' main wives such as the delightful and
scrumptuous Summer. Maybe because Holly is a bit too zaftig for all but BBW fans. Otherwise, these sites are like two peas in a pod. Technically, the site is a bit below average, which is a real shame, because it detracts from otherwise outstanding material. Thumbs help you navigate, a little. The videos are chopped into too many segments. Download speed is fast but instructions are wanting (the same old right-click and select "save target as"). The site is pricy and there is no trial but wonderful bonus sites Perfect D, Gluteus Lounge, Her Sweet Hand, and Sybian World, are all included, leading Sir Rodney to give the whole package thumbs up.

We went back to Mrs. Femdom, or Millicent, or Joy.

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