Sunday, February 24, 2008

URBAN SPICE AWARDS; Steele-Tyler duo to review DVDs

The fun industry is proud to announce that the first Annual URBAN
SPICE AWARDS will be taking place on June 8, 2008 in Los Angeles,CA.
This Historic event was created to honor and showcase the best and
brightest Producers, Directors, Performers and companies who create
Black, Asian,Latin, Native American, Amerasian, Creole, Middle
Eastern, other minority and interracial Adult content. This will be a
star studded event. And will become bigger and bigger with each show.
Something like this has been talked about for years, and now its
finally happening.The Urban Spice Awards show will be the premiere
event for ethnic adult. Special guest performers are being lined up
now! I encourage you comments, thoughts and suggestions.
Who would you like to see get nominated?

Meanwhile, Mercenary Pictures' Lexington Steele and Tina Tyler are to
appear on Playboy Radio's DVD Review'
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Mercenary Pictures owner and three time AVN Male
Performer of the Year Lexington Steele and fellow company director
Tina Tyler make their first appearance on Playboy Radio's "Adult DVD
Review" tonight at 9 p.m. to 11 p.m.
Hosted by industry veteran Adam Grayson and Aime Cook, "Adult DVD
Review" gives its rundown of the week's new releases and interviews
the Ex-rated industry's notable directors.
"Adam and Aime have had some very talented and skilled directors on
their show," Steele said. "Tina and I are very happy to be able to
spend some time on this show to talk about our titles and shooting.
'Adult DVD Review' has always featured adult's best directors and
we're very excited to be a part of it."
Tyler, who directs Black Moon Risin', Fresh Out the Box, and Handyman,
added that she's looking forward to talking about her perspective on
the adult industry as one of the few women who shoots gonzo.

"I've never forgotten what it's like to be on the business end of a
camera and anyone who's seen what I shoot knows that women's-friendly
adult can also mean heavy-duty tungsten-hardcore," she said. "It's
great that a show with a wide audience like 'Adult DVD Review' is
taking note of my work."

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