Sunday, March 16, 2008

All About The Habib Show

If you've never seen raw, genuine reality video before - hot and unfolding events as people are living it - this is your chance for an education. The Habib Show brings you all the gritty, surprising, as-it-happens action from the adventures of a self-proclaimed "retired Seven Eleven worker".

Habib lives in The Hood and pursues most of his carnal action in and around his home stomping ground. You will meet an amazing array of 100% authentic hood characters with whom Habib interacts and shares his sex outings, discoveries and personal contacts. And as Habib says up front, he beds whatever comes - the good, the bad and the ugly, even the fat, the drug addicted and the just plain suburban housewives.

Somewhere amid TheHabibShow video action, Habib manages to shoot stills. To date, there are 66 galleries with an average of 30 images per set. A few are too dark, typical reality fare, but most of the produce, like the videos are okay viewing once you accept the limitations of a bona fide reality shoot.

On the other hand, the videos come in a range of quality, but the best is superior-looking Windows Media format. Much of the action is Hood-based, but Habib does make some trips to Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Mexico – and here he gets the chance to shoot some high-res product. Note, there is one trip to the Dominican Republic that produced a mammoth 90-minute video with 100s of pics.

See the milk-squirting ho, Habib's penchant for baby oil, his romp with the convenience store girl, ho sex with her while the pimp   was still in the room. Read Habib's fabulous story text attached to each of the 106 videos, filled with the flavor of having been there, and all the spelling mistakes of someone with high school English and no proofing skills.

Then, before you commit yourself, check out the two-to-four-minute previews of every video this guy has made on the front web page. He is an open book, a real storyteller and reporter at heart. Take a tour through the wildlands with salt-of-the-Earth Habib.

Finally, it is Habib's personal approach to the people he encounters that gives a special quality to this site. He is a fundamentally happy and curious positive Arab guy, who will take almost anything these people give him – and bed almost everyone and definitely film the lot.

For a typical 30-day membership fee, and a great longer-term offer, The Habib Show will keep you supplied with plenty of sexual and sociological adventures that are worthy of any reality connoisseur.

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