Monday, March 31, 2008

Housewife Kelly

Housewife Kelly is an attractive thirty-year-old self proclaimed housewife who loves sex and wants us all to see it. Her site goes back to 2006 and she offers around 80 videos and a number of photo series. Photos are unfortunately very small while videos come in average quality. Overall a decent amateur site, with a hint of Mandingo, and without being unique.
Intro promises "Welcome to my website! My name is Kelly. I'm a young housewife who loves sex and I started this website so I could share all of my homemade sex videos and xxx photos with you. This is my free movie preview. If you like what you see in this video, you'll love my members area. Thats where you will have full access to hundreds of my videos and thousands of my xxx photos."

Housewife Kelly is the personal website of Kelly Anderson, "a hot newcummer [sic]" who claims "[her] sex life is at its peak," hence her desire to document it on Housewife Kelly.

Kelly is a thirty-year-old slutwife/hotwife/MILF/swinger of flowing blonde hair. Star sign? Libra. Oh, and did I mention she's married? Did I really need to? I mean, the site is called Housewife Kelly... Anyhow, her cuckold husband, Shawn, was the first guy to cum on her face. Kelly explains, "I always wanted guys to do that, but I didn't want to ask them. Shawn didn't need to be asked. Every time we would fuck, he would pull his big cock out of me and cum all over my face. He knew I loved it. After he did it a few times, I began to ask for it. I knew I could be myself with him." That is so sweet — you know it's true love when you don't even have to ask your man to cum on your face, he just knows. I think it's clear you found yourself someone special, Kelly — don't blow it by making him shoot his loads inside your sex-hole. Excuse me, guys, I think I have something in my eye… oh, wait, it was just a tear, a single solitary teardrop. Anyway, Housewife Kelly documents the swinging adventures of Shawn and Kelly, the world's most romantic married couple.  
Our opinion It should be noted that Kelly also runs Barefoot Wife and it looks like a lot of the content on Housewife Kelly can also be found there. It should also be noted that Housewife Kelly is very much an amateur operation, meaning all the content is homemade and thus is oftentimes poorly lit and badly shot. If you're looking for professionally produced content made by people who know what they're doing, well, look elsewhere, friend.

The members area of Housewife Kelly displays all the videos on the site as well as a menu bar at the top of the page which contains links to other areas of interest (an extensive bio, a photo gallery, ye olde webcam, links to bonus sites, bonus material starring friends and a regularly updated blog). The simple layout makes navigation a breeze. Seriously, gang, this website couldn't be any less cluttered or any more easy to use.

We'll discuss the videos first, seeing as they're the most prominently displayed content in the members area. Currently, there are eighty videos on Housewife Kelly. You will need the Windows Media Player to play the videos, which are average-resolution at best and can be downloaded in two speeds (low and high). The videos cover a lot of ground, from blowjobs to girl-girl stuff and even threesomes (and foursomes!); heck, there's even a video featuring Kelly being fucked in a Hooters uniform! I'm warning you right now, the videos take forever and a day to download. I really can't stress that enough — you will be waiting a very long time to watch each video you choose to download. It's a fucking drag, especially when you take into consideration the fact that the videos only average about fifteen minutes in length. I guess you can peruse the photos on the site while you endlessly wait for your videos to finish downloading…

The photo gallery on Housewife Kelly is allegedly updated "pretty much every day" and is divided into the following categories: video screenshots, fetish video screenshots, XXX photos, fetish photos and my girlfriends, which contains twelve photosets starring women other than Kelly. I don't need to tell you that the photosets featuring screenshots are virtually worthless, do I? Of course I don't. You're a big boy now and you can handle the truth about life. There are oodles of photos in each set and all appear to be average-resolution. Photos can be viewed one at a time (sorry, guys, no slideshow option or zipped downloads).

Housewife Kelly also has a webcam, but it's actually just a link to Kelly's cam on AmateurCamz. No worries: AmateurCamz gives members access to hundreds of other cam whores. But back to Kelly: she does a cam show each and every Friday. With regards to bonus content, members are treated to eleven bonus scenes starring Kelly's friends as well as nine additional sites including Banging Sex Machines and Teen Sluts Need Ca$h. Those bonus sites are basically just feeds and the bonus scenes aren't really anything to write home about (but who would write home about porno?!). Bah.
Conclusion With average photos and average videos which load in below average time, Housewife Kelly is an average site. While I applaud Kelly and Shawn for making their marriage work by filming themselves fucking other people, I can't say I'm bowled over by their website which presents the evidence of these affairs.

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