Sunday, March 23, 2008

Janey's Web

This site is great for its 7+ Gb of content, for its 6 days a week updates , free daily livecams, and cornucopia of hardcore, including anal, facial creampies, gangbang etc.

First impression is that Janey the Milf is a hot amateur with a serious appetite for kinky sex if one is to judge from the steaming sample pictures... The design is simple but it seems to support the sweaty content well.
Our opinion: Janey Web is one of those sites with a really nice and simple interface that allows the visitor to go forth and back without getting lost. Now, that is nice, but what is even more impressing is that this amateur site contains a whole lot of nice pictures and movies of excellent quality.

All this great stuff is sorted in easily accessible picture and movie galleries, and what's even more impressing is that the movies are accompanied by descriptions of what happened at the 'session'. A nice personal feature, and depending on your preferences the movies can be watched by streaming or you can download them... even in zipped packages! Truly impressive!

Apart from the nice pics and movies there are a tons of additional features at this site, which makes each visit a delicious experience. For instance live cams, music, stories. Furthermore, one gets access to something, which reminds me of a certain swinger site. It's called, and it has a lot of hedonistic content on the menu that on can watch by streaming... this may however take quite a while depending on what you want to see combined with the speed of your Internet connection!

This site is not about Janey exclusively, in the sense that it involves Janey humping a lot of other hot amateurs as well. Now, this girl certainly has a serious craving for sex... she's certainly one of the most active amateurs I've ever seen. She's into threesomes, gangbangs, interracial, cuckold, milf, lesbian sex... you name it! The great part is that she obviously enjoys herself doing what she does best and so does her swinger friends obviously! In other words the content is great as well!

Nice amateur site, which offers truckloads of ORIGINAL porn that both in terms of content as well as picture quality is absolutely tip-top. If you're into watching an attractive slutwife fulfilling her greatest hotwife sexual fantasies and desires this is definitely the right place to start... besides, it's always nice to watch ordinary people like you and me freak out and perform crazy sex acts!

Furthermore, the interface supports the content brilliantly, and this is the reason why this amateur site is just a notch ahead of many other amateur sites! Only complaint: too many pop-ups... simply not necessary!

Please notice the prize as well... very recommendable!

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