Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sabrina Deep

If you think it's hard finding a MILF that truly loves sex, then you aren't looking in the right places. This hotwife loves it all, including promises to satisfy her sexual hunger through ass to mouth, deep throat, cum swallowing, water-sports and more while getting her groove on with her cuckold husband and her fans. There are pictures, videos, webcam schedules, video chat and a forum on her site.

This wild wifey, or Mandingo kitten looks like it would take quite a bit to tame her, and the magical combination hasn't been found yet. The tour area was a bit on the busy side, but not a nightmare in navigation. It looks from the high numbers of content promised that this will be some fun to venture through. Sabrina Deep is lovely with her long brown locks cascading across her slutwife nudity.
Well, I am having mixed emotions about the main membership page to this site. Yes, the ease is there, nothing confusing, but at the same time, it rings cold and impersonal in a way. The interface looks like the one you find on web forums run by phpBB software. You are brought directly to her private albums area, which when you click on the top of the page link for pictures, directs you right back to this page. It's stated that she carries 61 albums holding 3,505 files, so you have a nice amount of pictures to browse through.

They break things down under category headers such as Sabrina the Wifey with clothes on, Sabrina's deep throat, Sabrina's anal, and Sabrina's facials, just to name a few of what you'll find. The pictures were ok, they were clear enough but missing out slightly on that certain umph that would put them over the edge. They do enlarge to a decent 680x907 pixels opening in a separate window to display. Her images show that this woman is more than just frisky when it comes to fornicating, she goes the whole nine yards with the yearning. There is a slide show option to this site, but I didn't find any type of ZIP action.

There wasn't a huge number of videos to view here, but what they do have, hold long play times, so that pretty much makes up for any moaning you might be doing. There are 23 clips here, and it looks as though to round things off for an average time of play 18 minutes wouldn't be too far off course. The first one I watched came in at nearly 28 minutes, so as I said, they do give some length to their lust sessions.

No lies were told through the tour when she gave some details of things she enjoyed, because you'll catch her doing all of them here. This is a woman that if you were to get her in the bedroom, just be prepared that she will want all of the other rooms too, and your kitchen is definitely not safe, because she will show you just how good vegetables really are for you!

I watched quite a few of the films and one of my favorites was called, Squirting Madness, and with good reason. She has all holes filled snuggly, meaning there's a butt-plug in her ass, a dildo in her vaginal area and at the same time she's showing deep throat action. Of course she squirted, with everything filled that way, can you imagine how the pressure had built up?!

WMV is the format she offers and each video is available in only one size - either 320x240 (1400Kbps), and then the newer ones that seem to be higher resolution at 640x480 but lower bitrate (828Kbps). The quality of play is nice though, and she is going to show you things that you'll be happy having clarity to view it all with. These clips are downloading, and I just have to say, she is one of the most hard-core honeys I've watched in quite some time.

I really like the blog area on this site, in fact, I enjoy the layout of it much more than the main membership area itself. There is a lot of information held here, and it's just overall very nicely done. The forum area again is done with a professional look, and it holds 54 members with enough postings to give you some good reading material. Registering to her forum is the access into her webcam viewings, so it's tit for tat on that issue. There is a running clock letting you know when to expect her live next.

Deep Sabrina was actually a fun site to review, not because of a joyous layout with pretty colors that makes you have happy pants or anything like that, but because this woman is everything she said she would be, and more. If you can say someone is sexually out of control, it would be her, but the most fun part is, she knows and loves everything she's doing. It's a hardcore site, holding a nice amount of images, a lower amount of videos but long play times. You'll find a blog, a forum and her live webcam action as well here.
With a few improvements Deep Sabrina will be a really awesome site.

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