Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Visit to Sierra's Hotwifey Mass Facial Center

You may be a staunch fan of Crista Moore, but her youthful carnality still bows before the sumptuous curves of the ever-young, the qween of mature, the libidinous hotwife and wifey: Sierra is a curvaceous lady, approximately 5'2 and 130 pounds – the kind of woman seen in any local shopping center. Where Sierra differs from the "average" woman is that she is a self-professed white slutwife who can't get enough black appendage. And when Sierra states that she craves to please large amounts of guys and will do just about anything to please them – she means it!

Once inside Sierras Dark Desires, you are confronted with two free sites that come with your membership – which seems a little odd – but at least you know where to find your bonus content. These sites include amateurs Amber (another Mandingo milf/hotwife) and Bob & Sass, old timers from Yahoo Groups, a bi-sexual pair who both like to suck lingam. Next you will find a box menu of ten different sections where all SierrasDarkDesires content is located.

The Interracial action section includes thousands of exclusive interracial xxx pics featuring gang bangs, deep anal, double penetrations, throat penetrations and lots of generously slathering facials. The photos are amateurishly delicious in style and quality – but should be in keeping with what you would find from an amateur site.

A Smoking Soccer Mom and Stockings & Heels photo sections are also available with a good amount of picture content in each. And for those who are looking for even more photo content, be sure to check out the Web's Hottest Amateurs section where well over 30 other galleries are available.

The Movie Clips section is where you will find the majority of video choices – although some movie files can be found in with the other links including the Smoking and Interracial sections. Clips are offered in various sizes and formats – avis, mpegs and wmv's playable with Windows Media or Real Player.

The clips are divided into two sections, one for dial-up connections and the others for those with high speed. For better results, it is recommended that you download these clips first to your hard drive, then view. The clips range in length from sweet and short (15 seconds) to 20 minutes in length. The quality again is amateurish and some of the videos are a touch out of focus.

An Amateur Cam section, short stories, e-zines, Sierra's scrapbook and a personals section is also added content found inside the members' area, along with the two free bonus, or boners' sites.

When Sierra sets up a hot interracial gang bang, the action is hot, hardcore and loaded with messy climaxes. This amateur lady knows exactly what she likes and you want to see and she isn't shy about taking it either. For hardcore interracial copulating, sucking and gangbang action, Sierra's darkest desires is the place to be.
o Mrs. Femdom, or Millicent, or Joy.

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