Sunday, April 6, 2008

Deauxma, aka Demi

Deauxma is my favorite milf on the web. She has such a such a small site. Deauxma is a leggy, well-bosmed amateur model from Texas who recently began drawing attention of MILF Hunter, where she appeared in "Alamo Visit" as Demi. She has a following of fans from her hotwifey and the naughty older woman appearances as Mrs. Deauxma, on My Friends Hot Mom. Also a Southern Charms girl, she has now added to her web portfolio with another site for all us cuckolds that can't get enough.

Deauxma has also appeared in two well-known DVDs, Fantastic 40s and Anal #2, and Older and Horny #5. Deauxma has also won the "Most Perfect Woman" award at the 2005 LA Erotic Convention. She appeared in 40 Something Magazine and Hustler's April, 2006 issue. The newer dot net site has limited content so far, but Deauxma assured us that she is adding new content as fast as she can. Whereas there are only a dozen photo sets or so and a couple of clips, this is in fact the place to go for your Deauxma fix and she does answer emails and take requests!

The site itself is simple and very much typical of the majority of individual-model sites. If the limited content bothers you and you're not interested in getting to know this wonderful woman from afar, go ahead and see her as Demi on MILF Hunter or Mrs. Deauxma, on My Friends Hot Mom.

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