Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Lex POV is a part of the BrainPass Network of delicious content and a lot of splash for your buck. The tour page holds a seductive look with Lex Steele himself (see my post about him)the man with the right tool to get the job done. Further down the page you'll find a model index and large images of some very hard-core Mandingo interracial action that will tempt your taste buds to see more within membership. Lex has 11" of manhood wound up inside that classy suit he's wearing, but it all unfolds for these pretty MILFs of that elegant housewife look who are woman enough to take everything he has to swing. Lex Steele has been voted AVN performer 3 times and here he shows you how having 11" makes him a champion.

Since the site is a part of the Brain Pass Network, when you purchase the membership here you'll get access into other sites, such as; Peter North, Christine Young, I Want Latina, Real Squirt, Melissa Doll, Silverstone Vids, Sweet Amy Lee, and Hardcore Fiesta. The links for this site area are few, most everything is centered around the fact that this is a mega site. You may also be able to get access to Sensual Shave and Brazilian Shave (?).

Type in username and password to get access into the first page of a lot of links. At the top is the route you'll take for Lex POV, but it's surrounded by a nice layout of accessing your special choices of material, which will pull the updates, etc. from all of the sites offered in this network, but, after all, it's Lex POV that we are most interested in. When opening his site, I can't help but be a bit disappointed. That's my major complaint when it comes to mega sites, you don't get a lot of material from any specific one, they rely on the combination of all areas to make the grade, and that's too bad. On this site you are given 20 videos but no sign of pictures... yet.

I did find some images, they are screen caps that go along with each video, most in the range of around 65+. I'm glad to see they offer these, even though I mostly enjoy the clips, I like the entire package. You have some choices with the pics that are offered here, you can download them as a zipped set, and you can also exercise the slide show effect, so you can find something else to be doing with your hands. The actual screencaps are presented in a separate window and measure in at 720x480 pixels. These are typical screencaps with the marks of movement, which causes a bit of blurriness, but you'll like the action that's captured.

From one end of the spectrum to the other, if you are on a slower connection speed and choose the 56K low speed choice you'll get the technical information of this clip being 5:00 in run time length, with it's size being, 1661Kbps, and the video size comes in at a small 240x180. It's nice that they offer this for dial up users, but the quality wasn't very good at all, and don't even attempt to view this in full screen mode, because it looses everything that could or would make you horny watching it, there's a lot to be said for quality. As for viewing in high speed, I preferred the download of the WMV choice much more than the MPEG playing. And here, the full screen is exactly where you want to go, you won't want to miss one trip of the tongue on these clips. The data for this choice came in at 26MB and a video size of, 480x360. You really want to choose what's going to work the best for your system because the content is definitely worth watching. Lex has a black cock big enough to make most men turn green with envy, and seeing it being plowed across the tongue or into the pussy of a pretty ivory skinned female really puts the interracial factor on it's peak.

I still wish the site had more. The images are video captures but the videos have long running times broken down into 5plus minute clips. Lex Steele has a beautiful bulge that really gives these ladies the highlight of their sexual careers. What woman wouldn't want to try on his 11" for size? Your membership fee for this site is more than reasonable, especially with everything that you're getting. This may just be one of 28 sites offered, but the material is good quality in interracial excellence.

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