Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Me and Latina Adultery

"Not even a rich husband can keep these wives loyal" Enjoy hot Latin hot wives having affairs, swinging, and simply fornicating with younger men.The first things that my husband liked at Latin Adultery is that it had an exclusive look. The design is really neat and adds a sense of sophistication to the overall feel of the site... at least until you see the first latinas exposed all over in a highly intimate and highly elegant amateur (see my style) fashion. Megarotic, Megauploads and Rapidshares are way down below, as usual.

As the introduction indicates Latin Adultery is a so- called 'reality' site which claims to be all about 'real' latina MILFy wives engaging in improper hardcore action with younger men, or interracial studs, at least so the song goes. Let's go straight to the point though; if this is about 'real life' affairs I'm an Arab sheik's prize wife/girlfriend (see the post on Habib) and that's not all... if you look outside there's is a brand new Ferrari parked in your driveway. Nah... don't think so! However, this doesn't mean that 'LA' is all 'BS', it sure has a lot of qualities so let's take a closer look at the goodies. I know several of the gals from the site, and have gone to a bunch of Mandingo and swinger parties with them.

First of all in spite of the talented actors the material at this site remains truly devoted the the Latin theme in the sense that all the female models here seem to have a latin ethnic background, and are all naughty and seasoned players. In other words; if the J-Lo style does it for you, Latin Adultery is probably not the worst place for you to end up while sitting in front of your computer. I won't push the claim that the model standard is all Jennifer Lopez- like, and not Spring Thomas, but there surely are some nice looking girls with hot tempered attitudes and big attributes waiting for you here. And many of them have that sleek, Azlea look. Some of them, that Naughty Allie style. Take it from me, a part-time lesbian MILF.

As the style of the site is clean and logical, so is the navigation as it is all done by thumbnails. This might not please everybody but when you consider the fact that the site promotes the Latin theme only. It would probably suit the site well to add a search option or a model index at some point to make the site open and accessible. Though there's a fair share of models at present I do however not consider the present approach a flaw, it just seems to lack a little foresight.

The action here is explicit hardcore and probably as predictable as it gets in regards to the 'lonely kinky wife' concept... as I've mentioned earlier it's not acting awards at stake here, but if you are into classic hardcore twosomes involving quite a few latina hotties this site is definitely a potential teaser, with a hint of interracial, .

Latin Adultery aims for a sophisticated look and the old school concept of lonely horny slut housewife hardcore paired with a popular by demand ethnic touch. Though this cocktail is far from the first of its kind Lating Adultery altogether proves itself worthwhile, at least in my humble opinion. This is in part due to a fair amount of material, concept loyalty and not least a user friendly video section. I'm a firm believer that Latin Adultery will be a nice addition to those of you who are into dedicated action and attractive latinas who perform wholeheartedly, with more devotion than the 8th Street Latina jaded pseudo-debutantes. This makes the experience all the merrier and it probably will make you accept the less great attributes of the site. Certainly, there's still room for a lot more original stuff and likewise the video quality has room for improvement as well.

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