Saturday, April 12, 2008

Milfette on Glory Holes

So what's Glory Hole about? My husband knows. Because we did a week of those a while back when we returned from SF Bay area. Except we did it at someone's on-premises swingers party. And among all the men there was only one black man. I was already experienced and knew better about the velvet smoothness of black tool.

The idea of anonymous blowjobs has been around for a while in real life. I never visited the gloryhole at our neighborhood adult theater (it's pretty skanky). You come into a booth, stick your dick into a hole and on the other end a slutwife, or a MILF like me gives you a blowjob. You shoot your load, pay and leave, without having to ever look her in the eyes and feel guilty for cheating on your wife.

The cocks are still anonymous (except they're all BIG and BLACK, just like Mandingo), but the sluts are even hotter hotwives! This site is simple and to the point: it's free of bells and whistles. In a world of flashy sites that overload the member with useless links/content, this site is refreshing.

You're here to get porn, and you won't have to waste your time for anything else. Navigation is straightforward as each page has six sets with four picture thumbs to give you an idea of what's in the series. There are no ads, no promotional bombardments of any kind.

At this time, there are sets of 234 chicks, that includes MILF types, housewives, slutwives and swingers. Each babe comes with a video and a set of large, good-looking pictures.  They also update weekly, which doesn't hurt either. Each set has downloadable videos in both low-band and high-band versions. Video quality has improved since the site began. Old movies come in average-quality MPEG format.  Most of the videos are now in Windows Media format, however, and they look great.

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