Thursday, April 10, 2008

Milfette yearns for...

I allow myself to wax nostalgic for the good pink times when my husband had to travel a lot for modeling agency. That's when I met Tiffanyℑ=72191_TiffanyMynxpix_123_368lo.jpg

and that's what she is up to now.

I am a hardworking soccer mom and a part-time slut wife, and I do, I admit, have yearning for more interracial experiences. Slow and sensual. Hot kisses. Like Sharon Wild & Sean Michaels, from "Black In The Blondes". Sharon is a beautiful woman, with a gorgeous body, and she's toooooo sexy.

movies (join with Hjsplit):

I remember meeting Mackenzee Pierce and Reagan Maddux. My husband won a trip to Sand Francisco, and we used the opportunity to meet the girls, who I got to make out with. They loved my hotwife attitude, and invited to do a 30 second teaser. Check them out

also I loved this pair. What can I do, I am an unrequited interracial dreamer, that is, after my college experience with an Obama-lookalike biology post-doc/TA.

I've never seen a truly interracial MILF movie, but I think Mandingo a 1975 (non-adult) movie certainly explores interracial lust. There is also a scene in Traffic where Erika Christensen plays Micheal Douglas' daughter who trades sex with a black guy for cocaine.

One of my all time favorite interracial scenes is from an obscure Emmanuelle movie. Because
the girl, Pascale Cardon, looks like me. The scene is softcore and brief (you get a glimpse of the guys massive cock)and is incredibly hot. I've seen it recently on the file sharing service Search for the Emmanuelle African Tribesman file.I remember I Am Curious Black with Lois Ayers that had a dopey plot to it. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner was an early interracial flick.
Maybe I'll post some of my own pictures next time.
Kisses to Sam, Jock, and Jimmy E.

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