Sunday, April 27, 2008

Milfette's adventures with Savanna

This weekend I went over my video portfolio with my husband, and he wanted to see a particular scene that always gets him hot and ready, actually any scene where I do a provocative squat while wearing a fencenet. As usual, he got so hot and bothered that I went down on my knees and after teasing and torturing him for 20 minutes or so, relieved his tension, letting him use his privilege of having me swallow all of his load. Very few men get this perk from me. The DVD was with Savanna, where in one scene both of us were filmed in the sexy squat (I love it like this) while sharing a swollen Dark Cavern erection. I was wearing a gold waist and hip chains. In one of the downloads below you might find it.

Before I started making special DVD releases ( like Seasoned Players 4) for Tom Byron productions, I worked, by sheer coincidence, in parallel with Savanna Samson. We made an hot, sensual movie Rocco Meats an American Angel in Paris with Rocco Siffredi in 2000, and separately from Rocco, Sharing Paris. Since she was a typical anal virgin of a housewife, Savanna had to get medical treatment shortly after Rocco to heal her rear healed. I remember the famous and sensuous sodomy scene where she is distressed, and then elated and climaxing. Savanna gave her husband the tape on their wedding night as a gift. Later on he told me how hot the MFF was bewteen Savanna Rocco and me, just because he knew we were real MILFs.

That year we also made appearances on the TV programs Ed and Better Days. Samson  and I also signed on, 3 months apart, unbeknownst to each other as contract actresses for Vivid Entertainment. Together we contributed chapter content to How To Have A XXX Sex Life (Regan Books), and while I had a spot appearance as a hotwife model, she hosted of the 2005 AVN Awards.

On February 3, 2006, Samson, Jenna Jameson, me and other Vivid Girls hosted the first Vivid Club Jenna Super Bowl Party at the Zoo Club in Detroit, Michigan, with a $1,000 ticket price that featured a lingerie show, but no nudity or sex acts. When announced, the party caused controversy with the NFL who did not sanction this as an official Super Bowl event. Little did we care, since we staged a private aftershow for several of their executives, where they got to see and and partially experience (through providing us token help while peeling off our lingerie and body perfuming our bodies).

I really love Savanna and her wholesome body. She leaves me feeling like an equally sensual, hot, slutwife. We share an unspoken language which we used when faced with a Dogfart situation, wherein three giant black men cornered us in a closed nightclub, and our mobiles were in a dressing room quite a distance away. I read her mind, and we went for the Mr. Right, Mr. Mandingo the Gentleman, who took up all of the time, thereby saving us from being gang banged by his less than gentle and clean buddies. I remember that he did not even have us swallow, just gave each of us a generous gift of pearl necklaces and facials. Then we hugged and made out, letting our nylons rub and make the sweet silky sound. Two reality wives sharing highly romantic lesbian love. This only happens once.

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