Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Slow shaves and Azlea Antistia links

I found that my faves, Alanis Morrisette and Tori Amos have gotten a nice writeup on a lesbian blog. Being an unashamed bi MILF housewife, that made me wet, and I realized that it's time I had my pubic hair trimmed hotwife-style.

Trimming is something I do about twice a year, usually in spring and fall. So, a couple of weeks ago I asked my husband if he'd do the honors.  And then we got into it, and distracted, since we both love mutual, slow, passionate shaves. Brazilian shaves. Interracial shaves, with all those wiry silky hair. But not substantial shaves.

We have learned from past experience. We did it this mid-afternoon, with the sun shining in the most cuckold-voyeur-useful window in the bathroom. We put down a newspaper on the bathroom floor for me to stand over. And I put down a towel for my husband to kneel on. For a change. How well I know this position when receiving slutwife facials from him and my admirers!

I find it an erotic experience. It's something to do with the shaving cream, and scary sharp razors and slow, slippery movements across the tender skin. It's is a bit more sexy than a visit to a gynecologist whose wife is a swinger, with knowing fingers shifting lips and unavoidably producing sensory enjoyment.

Trimming for me is an intimate experience. My husband, an expert pubic barber, is cool with holding a sharp instrument near my soft and heavenly smooth areas. But I trusted him not to cut me, just as he trusted me not to move suddenly. So, as he held out patches of hair and trimmed them shorter, I enjoyed looking down at his head, bent in concentration. I enjoyed looking sideways in the mirror and seeing his hands on my Venusian mound. I enjoyed the shivery moments (from cold steel? or fear?) when the edge of the scissors whispered past my skin.

Now I am trimmed, ready for my winter coat to grow in. And in six months, we'll do it again. Here is my link love for you.

and here is Azlea, a true copy of me, with whom I have shared my body:

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