Friday, May 2, 2008

Latin Milfs Analyzed

Let's face it, all the good adult website names are taken. The puns and the catchy ones are all used up so it is hard for a new site come up with a name. Which brings us to the oft used device of just throwing in a bunch of good search words that make at least a little sense when put together. When Tom Byron wanted us to have a business partnership, we thought of Latin Milfs Anal-yzed. Somehow that did not sound good. Instead, we went with Anal Milfs Latinas. I was busy with my husband, and the company picked up from there.

When you first read it it seems to make sense and then the more you look at it the more it feels like just three keywords thrown together. The good news is that that no matter what you think of the name, Anal Milfs Latinas sounds good.

I am a part-time lesbian Milf myself, and an ex-unicorn swinger, and I like Latinas and I am also a fan of anal sex so I was pretty sure that I was going to finger myself thinking of Anal Milfs Latinas even as I was typing the URL into my address bar.

Last time I checked the content on Anal Milfs Latinas it was amateur Latina stuff. According to the site these are real Latina hotwiveys, slut wives and housewives and soccer moms who are getting their butts banged by guys who are not their boyfriends or husbands, or mandingo gentle giants. This isn't however "reality" content. Instead they are like short movies, with natural acting, cheap sets, dominant sex, flickr scenes, and lots of ass fucking. You know when you are flipping channels and you land on those Latina soap operas? Well, think of those operas filled with swingers, trashy babes, trashy glory holes, spiced with anal sex and facials.

Anal Milfs Latinas isn't a perfect site by all means, however, I do appreciate a site that recognizes it is a low-budget amateur site a with a dose of my favorite interracial stuff. 8th Street Fuckers, Butts Of Brazil, Valescas World and Suckers And Strange Cocks.

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